Did Jen Psaki Just Admit She Works For President Obama?

(Liberty Bell) – A new report from WND brings up an interesting question after what appears to be a slip of the tongue during Friday’s episode of “The View” by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

The question?

Did Psaki just admit that she’s actually working for former President Barack Obama and not Joe Biden?

Psaki was on the program discussing recent issues with show host Joy Behar, who during the final moments of the show, stated, “A little bird told me that you said you might be retiring, resigning the job this year. Say it isn’t so. Is it true?”

She laughed and then replied, “I don’t know when I’m leaving. This is an honor and a privilege and I love working for President Obama–Biden,” slipping in the name of her former boss just before correcting her mistake.

Was this just a goof, or a slip of the tongue concerning who is really calling the shots right now?

“I love spending time with him, hearing what’s on his mind. Going on the road with him is actually the best thing possible. I wish everybody could have that experience, because he gets so much joy out of it. No one likes a rope line more than President Biden,” she said.

“Oops,” Jenna Ellis, who formerly served as the senior legal adviser to President Donald Trump, said as she tweeted out the video clip.

Chris Donaldson, writer for BizPacReview, stated that Psaki caught herself “after possibly letting the cat out of the bag by confirming the suspicions of those who are skeptical that Biden is the one calling the shots.”

Many folks online feel she said exactly what she meant to say. Others believe the comment was some kind of Freudian slip. Some claim not to be surprised by the idea that Obama could potentially be calling the shots.

Back in April of last year, during a White House press briefing, Psaki did seem to suggest that Bide was receiving policy advice from the former president.

“In terms of his engagement with President Obama, they are not just former colleagues I guess you call them as president and vice president, but they also remain close friends,” Psaki stated.

“And they talk regularly about a range of issues from policy issues to bouncing ideas off of each other to their families, so they are in close touch but we just don’t read out those specific calls. We keep them private,” she continued.

A recent report featuring Judge Jeanine Pirro also stating she believes there’s someone else besides Biden running the United States, which is an absolutely terrifying thought, one many people had ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

“According to a 100 Percent Fed Up report, Pirro reveals that from the very beginning, Bide was not fit to be running for president. The folks who are handling him are using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse for his behavior and weirdness and of course, he’s got a lot of help from big tech that’s helped him out by suppressing information on Hunter’s now infamous laptop,” the report says.

“She then goes on to ask who is really running things, before going on to make point after point to prove and confirm it’s really former President Barack Obama’s 3rd term. That alone is super terrifying, as Obama himself almost destroyed everything that makes our nation great. If it hadn’t been for the policies of Donald Trump during his time in office, our nation would be much further down the road of transformation into a socialist nightmare,” it continues.

“Biden’s cabinet is made up of former Obama cronies, and Biden’s policies perfectly reflect what Obama’s agenda was while he was in the White House. Open borders, the war on police, war on energy, the global warming scam, class warfare, and so many other policies were Obama’s and now just happen to be Biden’s policies,” the report reveals.

“Susan Rice, John Kerry, Jake Sullivan and so many other rechurns from the Obama regime are hell-bent on carrying out the far-left transformation of America,” the report adds.

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  1. So many in the alt media, like PCR and V.I.P.S. insist that Washington needs an enemy. It is not Washington that needs an enemy, it is the military that needs an enemy, because the constitution states that standing troops cannot be kept in times of peace, so are V.I.P.S. claiming that hey, if you will not continue to keep up the defense budget in times of peace, we will work behind the scenes in order to incite war during times of peace? That is extortion if that is the case.

    We have an enemy though, we have a planned hostile foreign
    invasion south of the border that has wrecked havoc on our system, and that was the intention. No country can process hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants pouring in and claiming amnesty and political asylum. The numbers are totally unbelievable. It is an invasion. There are also many countries in South America or Central America that they could migrate to. They know that. They are invading our country en masse. We are going to enter something worse than The Great Depression. We cannot acquiesse to such outrageous demands.

    Andrea Iravani

  2. Global Research also keeps insisting that there will be a one world government, upon Klaus Shwabs dictate.

    Exactly what are the United Nations, the WTO, BIS, Hague, ICC, IMF, World Bank, Interpol? Oh, they are of course all American vassals according to Global Research and the alt right and alt left American media ignoramouses.

    Of course you really have to wonder how it is that America could posdibly be capable of such control over the entire world considering that America does not even have hypersonic missiles! Or, maybe they just want to blame America for their own countries governments failings and force America to be the fall guy for them.

    And who would care if everyone in American government wound up in the hospital with “omicron” ? NATO, Israel, and lobbyists, that’s all folks!

    Andrea Iravani

  3. At the onset of the fake pandemic, the CCP claimed to have isolated the virus and claimed to have posted the entire genetic sequence to the imaginary covid-19 on PDF form for anyone who wished to download it, which I did not do because I was worried that it was a computer virus, and not a corona virus.

    The CDC has confirmed that they do not have the genetic sequence to covid-19 or even SARS.

    It is possible that whatever the CCP posted in PDF form was some form of extortion, or computer virus extortion combination.

    It is also highly likely that the majority of people in medicine,
    universities, government, amd corporations also downloaded the CCP PDF.

    Despite the CCP claiming to have posted the entire genetic sequence on PDF, I have not read a single medical professional referrence it, nor a single government offical, nor anyone else for that matter, other than posting links to download the PDF, which I would
    not recommend doing.

    Andrea Iravani

  4. It’s Time For Them to Go!

    People may be wondering, what in the hell is going on around here?! How in the hell could these things be happening in America?! Isn’t this supposed to be The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?! Isn’t this supposed to be One Nation Under God With Liberty  and Justice for All?!  

    Well, Americans, what happened is that the misnomered establishment fell out. Not on one occasion, but on multiple occasions, and they just keep pretending that it never happened! 

    They think that if they pretend that it didn’t happen, people will believe that it didn’t happen, but they fell out because they are corrupt, and because We the People Ordained and Established the Constitution, which the misnomered establishment absolutely refuses to uphold, and insists on continuing to undermine the supreme law of the land.

    The companies listed on Wall Street are pyramid schemes. The Silicon Valley business model in particular is mathematically impossible. They just pretend that it is. After decades of Silicon Valley bubbles bursting, the misnomered establishment just decided to kill everyone else. 

    Andrea Iravani

    p.s. stop hacking! you fell out! obviously! Leave this country! you don’t belong here! you are a psycho!

  5. Face it America. You have been woefully defeated. You are in no position to be trying to dictate to other countries. You have been check mated now by the Noth Koreans too, whose new missle used Mach 16 technology, after Russia and China.

    Leave NATO America! NATO will not defend America if we are ever attacked by a BRICS nation, in fact, they couldn’t even defend America if they wanted to because they lack the capability to do it, but NATO has absolutely zero intention of defending America, in fact, they intend to destroy and take over America. They will let the BRICS nations destroy it for them.

    It is not in America’s interests to defend NATO. It is a one way street. After being dragged into two world wars by the red coats, if you fall for it again, you are dumber than I knew was possible. Russia was our ally in both world wars. The red coats, the French, and the Germans intend to turn the BRICS into attacking us. You do not know the deceptive, two-faced, under-handed, manipulative, passive-aggressive nature of the Europeans. You are half-witted nincompoops. NATO does not even have the capabilities to defend themselves, which is why they use the United States! We wouldn’t have been dragged into two world wars if they were capable of defending themselves.

    The alt right and alt left have it ass backwards in claiming that the United States is manipulating NATO countries! It is the other way around! The United States only stands to lose and the problem s that the Europeans do and always have hated eachother. They have over a thousand years of wars and animosity among them. They use the United States to do their bidding for them. Even though the EU exists, there is no love there among Europeans for each other and there never has been. It has been massively overpopulated and resource depleted and scarce preceding The Scramble for Africa.

    Andrea Iravani

    P.S. stop hacking my comments! half-witted nincompoop!

    • The Red Coats regime is introducing legislation that they claim will ” leave Russia with nowhere to hide.” involving sanctions with any Russian company. Once again, this is a dispute between the British amd the Germans over Nordstream2 pipeline. NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg told the press that if Russia invades the Ukraine, NATO will not defend them because they are not a NATO country, attempting to strongarm Ukraine into demanding acceptance into NATO, even though Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine. It is psychological terrorism by NATO. The United States must leave NATO. It is a kleptocratic terrorist organization controlled by destructive parasites. The United States does not control NATO. That is a complete lie. NATO controls the United States and uses the United States to do the bidding for cowardly chicken shit Europeans that have been at eachothers throats for over a thousand years. The United States is enabling this behavior by making demands on European countries at the requests and threats of other cowardly, chicken shit European counries that have an explicit interest in concealing their agendas from their European competitors, while they pretend to be eachothers allies. They are not eachothers allies, and they never have been. It has been a bloody history that they send Americans off to fight to the death for their ill contrived schemes. Ukraine has more military might than most NATO countries! NATO wants Ukraine to join NATO so that they can defend NATO against Russia! The Europeans always pretend that they have the upper hand over their targets because they are unwilling to admit their weakness since it places them at a disadvantage in negotiations. The truth is that they have no power or leverage  over anyone at all. It is all a headfake, a bluff, and an act.

      Andrea Iravani

    • According to Wikipedia:

      “Altogether the Armed Forces of Ukraine included about 780,000 personnel, 6,500 tanks, about 7,000 combat armored vehicles, 1,500 combat aircraft, and more than 350 ships. Along with their equipment and personnel, Ukraine’s armed forces inherited the battle honors and lineage of the Soviet forces stationed in Ukraine.” – Wikipedia

      I cannot connect to Wikipedia, because of hackers, but that type was shown under a google search. U.S.A. Today also had an article that cam up under the search. The article was from four days ago. I cannot connect to U.S.A. Today because of hackers also that headlined this on a google search:

      Better trained, better equipped: What you should know about Russia and Ukraine’s militaries – USA Today
      › news › politics › 2022/01/27 › ukraine-russia-military
      4 days ago · How big is Ukraine’s military? … Ukraine has 250,000 active-duty troops, plus another 290,000 reserve personnel and 50,000 paramilitary units …

      Andrea Iravani

    • Then add Ukraine’s geostrategic edge in “fighting off the evil Russians” in addition to that. European NATO countries are making complete asses out of themselves. They are stuck up snobs as a defense mechanism of passive agressive behavior, expectung everyone to earn their acceptance and approval when they are in no position to be calling the shots, paricularly because they are flat out lying!

      Andrea Iravani

    • The dispute that European NATO countries had with the Nordstream2 pipleline is that they wanted it to run across the land rather than under the Baltic Sea. Obama expected it to go through Ukraine, and so did Ukrainians, and Bidens possibly anticipated that also with their heavy ties to Ukraine.

      This would allow other countries to illegally tap the natural gas, and also demand free natural gas or payments from Russia for using their land to pipe the natural gas.

      Canadians are outrageously claiming that America demands that Europeans use American Nat Gas instead.

      The same Canadians on Global Research making these allegations conveniently overlook and forget that it was Canada that wanted to pipe tar sands oil through the Ogalala Aquifer all the way down to Texas for refinement so that they would not have to have Canadian air polluted from refining the filthy Canadian sludge.

      The filthy Canadian sludge was expected to be deported to Europe. None of it was going to be for United States consumption. Global Research is an anti-American propaganda website.

      I love Canada, it is a beautiful country, but these allegations are
      absolutely ludicrous! They got kind of upset with me when I was in Canada because of my concerns over mining graphite. I guess that they aren’t use to being questioned by Americans. They didn’t appreciate though. The Calgary Flames kind of let me know that by knocking on my door and mooning me and shouting while they were drunk.

      Andrea Iravani

  6. Face it America. You have been woefully defeated. You are in no position to be trying to dictate to other countries. You have been check mated now by the Noth Koreans too, whose new missle used Mach 16 technology, after Russia and China.

    Leave NATO America! NATO will not defend America if we are ever attacked by a BRICS nation, in fact, they couldn’t even defend America if they wanted to because they lack the capability to do it, but NATO has absolutely zero intention of defending America, in fact, they intend to destroy and take over America. They will let the BRICS nations destroy it for them.

    It is not in America’s interests to defend NATO. It is a one way street. After being dragged into two world wars by the red coats, if you fall for it again, you are dumber than I knew was possible. Russia was our ally in both world wars. The red coats, the French, and the Germans intend to turn the BRICS into attacking us. You do not know the deceptive, two-faced, under-handed, manipulative, passive-aggressive nature of the Europeans. You are half-witted nincompoops.

    Andrea Iravani

  7. How far will the U.S. government and NATO forces push Putin to the limits and the point of no return?

    The United States should leave NATO. I guarantee, that if America were to ever be attacked by any BRICS nation, the European NATO members would be the first to line up at the trough to pig out on the division of American assets. It has been their plan since 1776.

    It never changed. Americans are extremely naive if they believe that the Europeans would ever consider defending America.

    The faked plane attacks on 9/11 added to this illusion that there would ever be a coalition of the willing to defend American interests. The only thing that the coalition was willing to do was to continue to deceive Americans and benefit hand over fist in the raping and pillaging of seven countries that did not have anything to do with 9/11 and relied on the might of the US military while the Europeans provided token military support for their nations extractions of national resources in those countries.

    Prior to that, The Bildeberg Group ridiculously told America that they had a bad reputation and were unpopular in Europe, after America was deceptively dragged into fighting two world wars on their behalf.

    Americans also forgot about the Alamo, and we have been under a planned and deliberate hostile foreign invasion, overwhelming the courts, law enforcement, healthcare, education, and our culture. American businesses are the primary guilty parties in all of this, demanding to allow this for the purpose of cheap labor that can exploit human rights, not merely for the illegal immigrants, but for law abiding patriotic American citizens as well. The Chamber of Commerce has been demanding that this illegal immigration continue, and is ramped up.

    It is not in the interests of unions to support illegal immigration, but they do it anyways, because unions themselves are not in the interests of workers, they are in the interests of union bosses, and until employees realize that, thy are basically screwed! There is over 100 years of labor issues to prove it, and most people that have ever attempted settling any dispute with employers through union bosses have found that out the hard way. They are like politicians. They talk a good game, and they ” never let a good crisis go to waste” and exploit the situation to their advantage, which only empowers union bosses.

    After this fake pandemic ask yourselves what have union bosses done in order to help anyone?

    The answer is nothing.

    Their replies are the same as politicians! We need more union members tp solve the problems, We need more Democrats in congress to solve the problems! We need more Republicans in congress to solve the problems! Trust Us! All that we need to do to solve the problems is More Power for Unions, Republicans, Democrats, the surveillance state!

    No, all that we need is More Power for Individuals, We the People! We do not need more surveillance cameras! 

    If you need a gang of thugs in order to survive in this country, then it is a country that is not worth living in!

    Andrea Iravani

  8. Seventy percent of Americans disapprove of government surveillance and eavesdropping of American citizens national communications. Sixty percent also disapprove of communications subjected to government surveillance without a warrant when an American is communicating with someone in a foreign country. Sixty-six percent of Americans are more worried about domestic terrorism than foreign terrorists attacking America. Shockingly, only 50% of Americans oppose the government viewing their internet searches! Retarded Americans! Do you want the government targeting you for your political or religious beliefs?! Apparently you do, since only 50% of you oppose the government viewing your search histories! I wonder what the political affiliations of the 50% that think that the government should view their search histories are?! I have to take a wild guess and say that it would be the Democrats, since they decided that white Christian conservatives are the largest threat to America.  The vast majority of the media sites that I read completely ignore the issue, unless a politician’s fourth amendment rights are involved. I just searched it and found an
    August 2021 APNews article on it. With so many Americans spying on fellow Americans in InfraGard, C.O.P.S. ( community organized policing services) and N.S.A. national sheriffs association when are they going to realize that they are just as much of a problem as the government?! So, many oppose government surveillance, but they are ok with corporate and peeping tom and listening larry surveillance! 

    I am being terrorized and tortured by the surveillance state. The surveillance state is a terrorist network full of violent extremists which have committed a sick, evil, sadistic, cold-blooded, premeditated crime spree on me. The medical mafia is part of it. It is a public private partnership in organized crime including crimes against humanity.

    Of course the retards that have perpetrated this evil crime spree against me are too retarded to put two and two together and realize that if they can get away with doing this to me, other people will be able to get away with doing it to them and their families. Can’t expect the retards to be bright enough to reach logical conclusions though. They are determined to learn about karma the hard way.

    Andrea Iravani

  9. Get me off of this God damned funky monkey planet! So sick of you funky monkeys! Banana bureaucracies invented by the funky monkeys going ape shit! Just go to the jungle where you belong or you will be placed in a zoo in a cage!

    Andrea Iravani

  10. Try having a child and keeping it away from the government and the medical mafia and they will take the child away from you and throw you in prison.

    Even people that choose home-schooling are having the government invade their lives online.

    Children’s first government brain washing begins in school, even if they go to private schools, they are still forced to comply with the government’s demands.

    There is no liberty, justice, or security in America.

    Here is the post fake pandemic list of spy agencies. America obviously does not even have 21 intelligent people, let alone 21 intelligence agencies! If any pf them are intelligent, it is obviously a well kept national security secret!

    Don’t have children unless you are ok with the government and medical mafia invading and controlling almost every aspect of their lives, and unless you are ok with letting the government hold your child as a hostage for 3/4 of the day in school. Life is a beautiful choice in an alternate universe, but not here on earth controlled by evil, insane, mentally incompetent, sadistic tyrants.

    I would take that a step further and say don’t have a child unless you are ok with the sick, retarded, creepy scumbags in the surveillance state which includes InfraGard, InfraGard includes many corporations, all state and local governments and police, congress, tech companies, utilities, the media, the military, any other creepy peeping tom ( term not specific to men ), and useless destructive parasitic retards cheating their way through school, parenting, work, and life, that want to join, and the now 21 spy agencies that have the audacity to call themselves intelligence agencies) academia, C.O.P.S., ( community organized policing services ) and N.S.A. ( national sheriffs association) infest their lives too.

    1. Office of the Director of National Intelligence
    2.Central Intelligence Agency
    3. National Security Agency
    4. Defense Intelligence Agency
    5. Federal Bureau of Investigation
    6. Department of State – Bureau of Intelligence and Research
    7. Department of Homeland Security – Office of Intelligence and Analysis
    8. Drug Enforcement Administration – Office of National Security Intelligence
    9. Department of the Treasury – Office of Intelligence and Analysis
    10. Department of Energy – Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
    11. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
    12. National Reconnaissance Office
    13. Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
    14. Army Military Intelligence
    15. Office of Naval Intelligence
    16. Marine Corps Intelligence
    17. Coast Guard Intelligence
    18. United States Postal Service
    19.) Department of Justice
    20.) Department of Education
    21.) Department of Health and Human Services

    I really don’t know what to say to you if you find it acceptable to subject a child to all of that!

    Andrea Iravani

    • People in the surveillance state act and have the mind set of a bunch of God damned F**king animals! They are uncivilized beastly animals that do not comprehend property rights or human rights and they invade other people’s lives, property, and brains, like they have done to me. I have no idea wtf they are or what accounts for it! I do not know if it is because I am AB negative and they are Rhesus monkeys being RH positive. I do not know what accounts for their animalistic uncivilized behavior. Do they think that being accepted by scumbags that behave like a bunch of God damned fking animals would be something that I would be inclined to try to do?! Well, it is not something that is or ever will be a goal of mine! My goal is not to have anything to do with the scumbag predators that behave like a bunch of God damned fking animals that violate my rights and spy hack, steal, vandalize, stalk, gas-light, brain rape, commit medical fraud, steal intellectual property, and plagiarize!

      Andrea Iravani

  11. Trump and Trump supporters will probably over play their hands. Polls showing Trump winning a 2024 election against Biden assume a variable that they do not yet know, that being, that Biden will be the Democratic nominee for the 2024 enction.

    I doubt that Biden will be the 2024 nominee, based on his unpopularity among Democratic voters.

    I will refrain from voting for anyone, because the whole system is so corrupt, that anyone willing to do what is necessary, would never end up getting elected. For all we know, we may end up with a corporate foreign or military dictatorship at the rate that things have been going. I do not support those last two scenarios either, but realistically speaking, this country is on the brink of disaster, and that never bodes well for established power structures which the GOP and DNC are both elements of.

    Andrea Iravani

  12. Join the I Censored Facebook Revolution before your lives are completely destroyed by the new Meatheadverse by turning you into a meathead! If you want to be the next Anthony Fauci, stay on Facebook.

    Andrea Iravani

  13. Illuminati Alien Invasion Through Solar Panels and Space Satellites

    Ureka! I figured it out! The psychos that are in the surveillance state, governments, and medical mafia are aliens! They travel in photon form into solar panels. After being received in the solar panels, they reconfigure themselves using the electric and magnetic forces and are beamed through lights that appear in the form of human shadows in black body radiation and transform the electric and magnetic forces into matter from matter surrounding them using the particle charge to electromagnetically attract particle matter so that they reconfigure in solid form.

    That certainly explains their absolute hatred of earthlings!  They are alien space invaders!

    Everyone expected them to travel in space ships! They don’t! They travel at the speed of light in photon form into solar panels! They then transform the photons into matter, which explains the inefficency of the solar panels, since they are not becoming stored energy.

    There are of course others that travel through space satellites beamed to earth,  still using the same methods but reconfigure themselves through devices that are hooked up ti wifi. 

    These aliens censor and ban popular accounts on social media, and spy because they do not understand earthlings, and use mammillian mimmickry and plagiarism, which they have done to me, and shut down my Twitter account. They are also identity thieves since they need a legal identity.

    We the People must end this alien invasion of traveling at the speed of light in photon form! They have destroyed the earth! We must exterminate the aliens that have destroyed the earth!

    They are so desperate to try to understand human earthlings that they even started the American Brain Initiative and implant RFIDs and computer chips in people’s brains, which they did to me while I was unconscioys in the hospital that resulted in Havana Syndrome, and they torture and terrorize me 24/7 with short wave radio signals which started immediately after they hacked my phone in june of 2017. They wanted me to go to the Bayshore Mall Apple Store, because Bayshore Mall is an abduction capital in America, which I did not do since I knew that, so that they could murder me and sell my organs on the black market and steal my identity. 

    Look at how these psychos like Fauci, Gates, Musk, and Zuckerberg are acting and ask yourselves if there is any possible way that they could be human beings. The obvious answer is no way, not a chance!

    Andrea Iravani

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