DeSantis’ Office Fires Back After Class-Action Suit From Illegal Aliens

(Liberty Bell) – Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has proven time and time again to be one of the most important and necessary men in modern-day America, right along with former President Donald Trump. The two have so much in common it’s as if they were cut from the same cloth. Just imagine if they teamed up in the 2024 election on the same ticket? It would be the end of modern progressivism as we know it, along with the nail in the coffin for the GOP establishment.

So what has made this man such an important figure in the realm of politics and the conservative movement? Many things. Like his victory over woke companies like Disney and PayPal who were none too happy with his parental rights in education bill.

But just in case you need more reasons to like the guy, Fox News issued a report that revealed the Florida Republican’s office is striking back against a class-action lawsuit from a group of illegal migrants after it was revealed there was a “consent form” that the individuals signed.

“The office of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday slammed a class action lawsuit filed by illegal immigrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard last week, saying the journey was done on a voluntary basis,” the report stated. “The lawsuit, filed in the District of Massachusetts, alleges that DeSantis and others ‘designed and executed a premeditated, fraudulent, and illegal scheme centered on exploiting this vulnerability for the sole purpose of advancing their own personal, financial and political interests.'”

Taryn Fenske, a spokeswoman for Gov. DeSantis, issued a statement to Fox News that ripped into the class action lawsuit, referring to it as “political theater” that was being put on by “opportunistic activists” at the expense of illegal immigrants.

“If these activists spent even a fraction of this time and effort at the border, perhaps some accountability would be brought to the Biden Administration’s reckless border policies that entice illegal immigrants to make dangerous and often lethal journeys through Central America and put their lives in the hands of cartels and Coyotes,” Fenske went on to say, nailing these hypocrites to the wall.

Fenske then provided Fox with a copy of one of these consent forms (screenshot here), which are made available both in English and Spanish, which she said were given to all of the migrants before they boarded their flight.

“I agree to hold the benefactor or its designed representatives harmless of all liability arising out of or in any way relating to any injuries and damages that may occur during the agreed transport to locations outside of Texas until the final destination in Massachusetts,” the form says.

The lawsuit goes on to allege that these migrants were told that they were going to be sent to either Boston or Washington, “which was completely false,” and were then induced to go along with the relocation with stuff like $10 McDonald’s gift certificates.

“No human being should be used as a political pawn,” Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal, who works as the executive director of Lawyers for Civil Rights, which is the group that is seeking the class-action status in the lawsuit.

Fenske clarified that the transportation of these migrants “was done on a voluntary basis.”

“The immigrants were homeless, hungry, and abandoned – and these activists didn’t care about them then. Florida’s program gave them a fresh start in a sanctuary state and these individuals opted to take advantage of chartered flights to Massachusetts,” she went on to say. “It was disappointing that Martha’s Vineyard called in the Massachusetts National Guard to bus them away from the island within 48 hours.”

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