Democrats Now Pushing For Ban On Gas-Powered Lawn Mowers, Chainsaws To Curb ‘Climate Pollution’

(Liberty Bell) – The climate change ideology is a really good indicator of just how out of touch lawmakers are with their constituents both on a state and federal level.

The push to move away from fossil fuels and to everything electric continues to reach new and unbelievable heights of absurdity.

The latest target of climate zealots are tools that have the potential to affect every home and business in America. Thankfully, the lunacy is confined on a state level, for now.

Two Minnesota Democrats are proposing a pair of bills that would block the sale of common gas-powered landscaping appliances such as lawnmowers and chainsaws along with ice-resurfacing machines such as Zambonis. The bills would require that only electric battery versions be sold in the state starting Jan. 1, 2025.

The ban would include any lawn and garden equipment and any machines that use “a spark ignition engine rated at or below 19 kilowatts or 25 gross horsepower.” The legislation would ban a myriad of common landscaping tools such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, hedge clippers, chainsaws, lawn edgers, string trimmers and brush cutters.

The measure is in line with a Democrat-backed clean energy bill that was signed into law by Gov. Tim Walz which requires electricity production to be 80% carbon-free by 2030 and 100% by 2040. It’s utter lunacy and Republicans have labeled it the “blackout bill.”

“DFLers are committed to taking action on climate – unchecked climate pollution threatens Minnesota’s future,” House Speaker Melissa Hortman declared after lawmakers passed the bill, “Now is the time to take bold action and ensure Minnesotans have the healthy climate and clean energy future they deserve.”

Minnesota isn’t the only place where insane climate change initiatives are being pursued.

Democratic strong-holds like New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle and others are pushing for similar bans for fuel-burning machines. Lawmakers in these cities are seeking bans on gas stoves, claiming they nor only hurt the environment but also pose health risks to users. Never mind the fact that Americans have been using natural gas to cook for decades without any cause for concern.

Shockingly, 56% of Democrat voters say they would support the ban while 56% of Republican voters oppose it, 39% of independents would also support it while others lean toward yes or don’t know.

Meanwhile, in liberal dystopian hell, California, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law in 2021 that would ban the sale of gas-powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers in 2024. The California Air Resources Board also declared that all new vehicles in the state must run on electric batteries by 2035.

These people are insane and they don’t care at all about the ordinary American people they are supposed to be serving.

Gov. Newsom doesn’t cut grass or pick up leaves. That’s beneath him and every other lawmaker in the US who seeks these kinds of bans. They simply do not care at all about how it might affect you or your daily life. All they care about is sticking to the climate change dogma lest they become a pariah of the Democratic Party.

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