DEM Candidate Allegedly Tweets SICK Joke About Waukesha Tragedy… Deletes Tweet… We Have Screenshot

(Liberty Bell) – On Sunday, a madman in an SUV drove through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing 5 people and injuring dozens more, as of this writing. As if the act itself wasn’t sick enough, a Democratic candidate for Wisconsin’s first congressional district decided to make light of the situation in a now-deleted tweet.

Democrat Randy Bryce was defeated in 2018 when he ran for Congress by Republican Bryan Steil by a 55 to 42 percentage margin. Now he’s trying again but if the people of Wisconsin have any sense at all, they’ll reject this lunatic.

On Twitter, Bryce mocked the deadly and terrorist actions of the individual who drove through a parade of innocent civilians, saying, “Apparently this vehicle fired a rifle into crowd and proceeded to mow people down at #Waukesha Holiday parade,” adding, “Why not claim self-defense?”

Clearly, Bryce was attempting to draw a comparison between this disgusting and evil act that killed 5 innocent people, so far, who were doing nothing but partaking in a holiday parade, and the Kyle Rittenhouse case, which ended in an acquittal after he was found “not guilty” on all charges by a jury.

Apparently, we actually have to point out that Rittenhouse shot three men who were aggressively attempting to attack him. These three men weren’t just innocent bystanders attempting to do good for their community.

These three men were Black Lives Matter/Antifa agitators who were out in the streets of Kenosha that night with the sole intent of causing chaos through rioting, looting and acts of violence.

This is not even remotely close to a crowd of people in Waukesha gathering together to partake in a parade to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

The fact that Bryce even dared to draw a comparison between the two situations and then suggest that the Waukesha murderer should attempt to claim self-defense is truly deranged and sick. Typical 21st century Democrat.

Bryce is no stranger to being a really sucky human. In 2018, his primary opponent attacked him for not paying his child support after his 2014 divorce, which he was in arrears to the tune of thousands of dollars at the time. What’s disturbing is that he apparently used his son, who he clearly was not supporting, as a feature in his political ads.

He’s also made waves on social media over his inaccurate commentary concerning the Rittenhouse case.

He’s also been arrested multiple times for a myriad of different offenses including one arrest in 1998 for driving under the influence and was subsequently arrested multiple times for driving with a suspended license. He’s also been arrested twice for participating in illegal protests.

This is not someone that should be sitting in Congress. He’s not even someone that should be allowed to say things on Twitter. He’s an absolute fool and if he knows what’s good for him, will fade away into obscurity before he says something else wildly offensive and off-color.

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