Crisis, What Crisis? Border Town Pulls Sneaky Trick Ahead Of Biden’s First Visit

(Liberty Bell) – President Joe Biden, after two very long years in office, finally decided that he should maybe go visit the southern border, since there’s been some rumors here and there about a crisis unfolding with thousands of illegal aliens swarming into the United States every day, which, simply can’t be true, right? I mean, all he has to do is turn his head, refuse to acknowledge the problem is real and it all goes bye-bye.

That’s how it seems Biden thinks all of this works, but that’s not reality. There really is a border crisis down south and it’s horrific. The states located in this region of the nation are having their economies strained to the limit by trying to provide adequate care for the legions of illegals who are entering the U.S. Not only that, but crime related to drugs and human trafficking has now sky-rocketed, along with acts of violence as cartel members attempt to push their influence deeper into the nation by taking full advantage of the open border policies of the current administration.

And while it’s true Biden will finally see some of the mess with his own eyes during his visit, there are a lot of things he won’t be seeing, such as the horrible makeshift camps that dotted El Paso triggering headlines last month about illegals taking over the streets. In fact, as per Rob Crilly of the Daily Mail, law enforcement teams on Tuesday and Wednesday went through the downtown area and picked up those who had entered the country illegally.

“As a result, he may get a view of the border but not of the crisis, say infuriated border agents who wanted him to see the scale of the chaos last month,” Crilly said.

“It’s a dog and pony show,” a volunteer who is working to help dozens of illegals seeking shelter at the Sacred Heart Church. “They’ve cleaned it all up for him.”

Officials have come out and stated that they are simply enforcing the rules and that the timing is coincidental. Yes, they actually expect the American people, particularly those who live in the area, to believe this line of garbage. It’s insulting to assume people are really clueless enough to believe the propaganda they are pushing.

“But a day before the president’s arrival and the scene could not be more different to the chaos of late December. Migrant numbers surged then as arrivals timed their journeys to coincide with the expected end of Title 42 — a Trump-era restriction that eventually won a stay of execution at the Supreme Court,” Crilly reported. “Then hundreds of mainly Venezuelan refugees camped out on the sidewalks around the Greyhound Bus station in downtown.”

The bundles of clothing and various other belongings have now disappeared as border agents have gone through the area picking it all up and moving it out of sight.

According to Crilly, there were only a couple of dozen illegal aliens remaining on the sidewalk around the Sacred Heart Church on Saturday. Many of those who entered the country illegally declared that they are protected by the sanctuary status of Sacred Heart Church as long as they don’t step off the curb.

“Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said his 18,000 members had been waiting two years for Biden to come and see what they had to deal with every day,” Crilly divulged. “He said the White House knew what it was doing with a January visit.”

He then remarked that the number of daily encounters dropped from 7500 a few weeks back to now about 3300, which, while being a seasonal pattern that occurs annually, is still way, way too high.

“Biden has all those figures. He knows all the trends. He knows when the best time to come to the border. And he knows that the beginning of January is absolutely the best time,” he asserted.

It seems rather obvious that the reason for the sudden “clean up” is to sweep the problem under the rug so that Biden can say that things aren’t really that bad at the border and he can avoid taking any action that might endanger the leftist plan to alter our demographics and provide fresh new voters dedicated to the Democratic Party ahead of the 2024 election.

When Biden announced he would be visiting the border he revealed plans to supposedly help fix the issues facing border states, however, politicians in those areas impacted the worst by the immigration crisis are not really buying into it.

“Robert Pena, executive director of the El Paso Republican Party, said he expected it to go down like Vice President Kamala Harris’s trip in 2021,” Crilly noted.

“He’ll get to have his picture taken at the border. But he’ll only see what they want him to see, and he won’t see the thousands of people coming across,” Pena remarked.

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