Clueless Kamala Harris Outrageously Blames Border Crisis On “Climate Change”

(Liberty Bell) – The situation at our southern border is growing more and more critical by the day. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have flooded across since Biden usurped the presidency and hundreds of thousands more are expected to follow suit.

Making matters even worse is Biden’s appointment of Kamala Harris to oversee the crisis, which she and fellow Democrats don’t see as a “crisis” but rather a “humanitarian challenge.”

While Harris has yet to visit the southern border she seems to have all the answers as to why the crisis is unfolding.

Don’t expect to hear any kind of admission of responsibility from her on behalf of the Biden regime. They’re refusing to own the mess that they’ve made. Instead, Harris is blaming the entire ordeal on climate change.

That’s right. Just like a good liberal sycophant, Harris is refusing to acknowledge the real reason why illegal immigrants are coming here and instead make them all victims of climate change.

She’s also excusing the crime and corruption within the governments of the countries from which these illegals hail from.

It’s all just climate change. Central and South American governments can’t help but be corrupt, they’re victims of climate change after all.

Harris contends the “root cause” of the massive surge in migrants isn’t the Biden administration’s policies but rather “climate change.”

While Harris still hasn’t made any plans to visit the southern border, she reportedly intends to visit Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries where she says there’s a “need for resilience around extreme climate” because of “severe climate experiences.”

The Vice President made the remarks Wednesday at the White House’s “virtual roundtable of experts on the Northern Triangle.” What a sham meeting that was. If the conclusion was that millions of migrants are flocking to the United States illegally because of “climate change” then there were no experts present at this “roundtable” at all.

Naturally some in the media were skeptical of Harris’s claims. The New York Post, for example, noted that she made no mention at all of the “corrupt governments that prevent economic progress — and are sure to pocket the bulk of any foreign aid meant to develop those economies or make their farms more ‘resilient.'”

“Nor did she touch on the gangs that terrorize the common people there, giving them more urgent reason to flee,” the Post added.

As the Post pointed out, it isn’t the Biden administration’s goal to “back more competent leadership and tie aid to real-world results.”

“It will be to pour even more cash into the Green New Deal and throw another billion at bad governments,” the Post asserted.

That seems to be the entire plan, however. Corrupt politicians supporting corrupt politicians and ushering in an era where all countries of the world are ruled over by an elite ruling class that the common folk simply have no power against.

This is already the reality in most countries of the world. Now progressive globalists are ensuring that America falls and meets the same fate. Eventually, we’ll all be equally poor and there won’t be a thing any of us can do about it.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney also called out Harris’ absurd assessment of the border crisis and called it an “argument of last resort – when you want to hide the truth, drone on about climate.”

Varney really nailed it when he said, “And it’s the invitation issued by the Democrats that’s bringing all of those migrants to our southern border.”

They’re coming here because of the invitation by Democrats to do so and their promises of free money, free healthcare, free education, and basically a free ride all around.

Why wouldn’t they come?

It’s only a matter of time before this crisis breaks America and that’s exactly what the Democrats want.

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