Classified Docs Scandal: Biden Smacked With Ethics Complaint

(Liberty Bell) – Now that the Democrats have turned on Joe Biden, things are only going to go from bad to worse for the usurper-in-chief. In addition to the special counsel investigation, now Joe Biden has been slapped with an ethics complaint.

Fox News Digital has reported that government watchdog, Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT), filed an ethics complaint with the US Office of Government Ethics on Tuesday in regards to the ongoing classified documents scandal.

“The American public will not tolerate a two-tiered system of justice – with well-connected insiders subject to a lower standard of scrutiny than the normal citizen,” PPT director Mike Chamberlain remarked in a statement to Fox News Digital.

“President Biden promised the most ethical and transparent administration in history,” Chamberlain said. “If the White House compounded a scandal involving possible mishandling of classified documents by improperly using taxpayer resources for his personal benefit and putting White House attorneys in positions that created conflicts of interest, we could be witnessing a serious betrayal of the public’s already-plummeting trust.”

“It also creates the specter of possible obstruction of a congressional investigation, depending on the legal basis for the intervention and any future privileges claimed by the White House on this escalating scandal,” he added.

The ethics complaint alleges that “taxpayer resources may have been inappropriately used by senior White House lawyers, including Special Counsel to the President Richard Sauber, to personally benefit Joe Biden.”

“We further believe that the apparent representation of Mr. Biden by the White House Counsel’s Office in this matter creates an untenable conflict of interest for that office,” the complaint asserts.

“The result, intended or not, could be to reduce transparency into the mishandling of state secrets and foreclose disclosure of communications between White House Counsel staff while acting on behalf of Joe Biden in his capacity as a citizen facing the prospect of criminal prosecution,” it continues.

Rep. Jim Jordan, House Judiciary Committee chairman, responded to the complaint, asking why Joe Biden’s special counsel was with DOJ officials when the classified documents were being gathered.

A reasonable question considering President Trump’s lawyer was not permitted to enter Mar-a-Lago during the FBI raid back in August. The double standards aren’t even subtle.

“Why was White House Special Counsel Richard Sauber accompanying DOJ officials while they collected classified documents at the Biden residence?” Jordan asked. “Mr. Sauber’s role raises serious concerns about the integrity of the Justice Department’s investigation.”

It most certainly does and as George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley points out, Biden’s lawyers are “likely witnesses in a criminal investigation.”

As this scandal has unfolded there have been several really suspicious occurrences. Why was there a 2-month gap between when the documents at the Penn Biden Center in DC were found and when the public was informed? Why are Biden’s lawyers even searching for documents? Why is the media suddenly behaving as if having classified documents is no big deal after calling for Trump’s head in August?

There is absolutely no transparency in the Biden regime and those Americans who have been supporting him ought to take note.

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