Busted: Turncoat David Perdue Kept Millions To Himself As Dems Snatched GOP Senate Seats

(Liberty Bell) – Last year, now-former Republican Senator to Georgia, David Perdue, was campaigning to keep his seat in the increasingly purple state. He was enjoying the full support of the Republican Party and then-President Donald Trump, who campaigned on his behalf.

After the general election, when the state’s senate race for each of Georgia’s two seats in the upper chamber went to a runoff election set for January 5th, the eyes of the nation were fixed on the race, as it would determine which party controlled the Senate.

Considering the November election gave the House and the White House to the Democrats, this was now a battle for last remaining chance the GOP had to maintain any majority in the political branches of the federal government.

We all know how that went.

Now, it appears, U.S. Senator David Perdue was sitting on millions while the Democrats snatched up his and now-former GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler’s seat.

Ned Ryun pointed of American Greatness tweeted out that Perdue’s campaign still has almost $6 million in cash on hand:

Big League Politics accuses Perdue of caring more about his personal cash flow than he did about fending off the Democrats’ full power grab in Washington D.C.

He’s already planning his next Senate bid, in fact.

“Just as my runoff election determined the majority in the US Senate, this 2022 Senate race in Georgia will also determine the majority and will be the focal race in America once again,” Perdue said.

He is planning to face off against Sen. Raphael Warnock, who beat out Loeffler in January.

Both Loeffler and Perdue, by the way, vowed to object to the electoral college certification ahead of January 6th when they needed Trump to back their campaigns, and then flipped their positions when the protesters breached the Capitol Building that day.

Just a couple of RINO turncoats, that’s for sure.

“Today, we can already see the impending damage that America will suffer from the Biden administration,” Perdue wrote of himself and his wife, Bonnie Perdue.

“Over the next few weeks, Bonnie and I will diligently consider our options about how to best serve the people of Georgia,” he continued.

BLP notes that as they have reported previously, Perdue also was quick to acknowledge Biden as president after voting to certify the electoral college votes in a Zoom call where he also said he thought McConnell and Biden could work together in historic ways.

Yeah, that sounds like what a real conservative would want for our country—Biden and McConnell to be making deals.

“If we can keep the majority in the Senate, we can at least be a buffer on some of the things that the Biden camp has been talking about in terms of foreign policy,” reportedly said at the time. “I believe […] we have the potential, if we have a majority in the Senate, that Mitch McConnell could indeed negotiate with Biden in a way that we haven’t seen in two or three administrations.”

“I think if we keep these two seats, we have an opportunity to do something that we lost in the last administration between Pelosi and Trump. That was just a bridge too far, to think that we were going to get them to negotiate,” he continued. “But here we have Biden and McConnell, who are ex-colleagues in the Senate, who are not only negotiators, who, if Biden can get away from this extreme part of his party, he might make some deals.”

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