Busted: Judicial Watch Obtains Documents That Show CA State Officials Pressured Big Tech To Censor Americans’ Election Posts

(Liberty Bell) – How much truth has to come out about the 2020 election before Democrat voters in America will believe it?

The election was stolen by massive scale fraud and corruption that came in a myriad of forms. It wasn’t just about the ballots. The Big Tech oligarchy played a major role in pushing blatantly false propaganda, hiding the truth and brainwashing left-leaning voters.

This isn’t just some conspiracy theory. Big Tech’s role in influencing the election has been coming to light one wrongdoing and scheme at a time.

Judicial Watch has announced that they received 540 pages and an additional 4 pages of documents from the office of the Secretary of State of California showing how state officials engaged in putting pressure on social media companies to censor posts regarding the 2020 election.

Among these documents were “misinformation briefings” emails that were compiled by communications firm SKDK which lists Biden for President as their top client of 2020.

The documents prove how the state agency was successful in pressuring YouTube to censor a Judicial Watch video expressing skepticism over the vote by mail scheme and a Judicial Watch lawsuit settlement about California’s voter roll clean up.

Judicial Watch obtained the records after filing a request to the Office of the California Secretary of State under the California Public Records Act (CPRA). The request was made for records related to the Office of Election Cybersecurity’s database of social media posts, communications with social media companies, and other social media related records as related to the 2020 elections.

Judicial Watch went on high alert after a December 2020 report indicating the state agency was surveilling, tracking and seeking to censor the free speech of Americans for the purpose of interfering with the election.

It was then that Judicial Watch made the request for the documents.

Despite Facebook and Twitter claiming that their algorithms are responsible for the censoring of Americans, the reality is the state of California has had their hand in violating the First Amendment for some time.

It was the Office of Election Cybersecurity in the California Secretary of State’s office that was determining what social media posts were deemed “misinformation.” The Cybersecurity office also stored social media posts in a database categorized by “threat level.”

Infowars reports that on 31 different occasions the Office of Election Cybersecurity made requests for social media posts to be removed.

Wonder if any of those included information regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop…

Of the 31 requests to remove social media posts, social media companies agreed in 24 of them and either removed the posts or flagged them as “misinformation,” according to Jenna Dresner, senior public information officer for the Office of Election Cybersecurity.

“We don’t take down posts, that is not our role to play,” Dresner said. “We alert potential sources of misinformation to the social media companies and we let them make that call based on community standards they created.”

Oh, well when she puts it that way it doesn’t sound as much like the state of California actively restricting and violating the First Amendment rights of Americans.

Wait, yes it does and that’s exactly what’s been going on.

Sure, the Big Tech oligarchy has been acting like tyrants and censoring the speech of conservatives on their platforms for quite some time now but as these newly released documents prove, the state of California has been behind some of the censorship and we fail to see how that isn’t blatant tyranny.

Just more proof that Big Tech is just another arm of the tyrannical Democrats who will stop at nothing to destroy America and seize total and complete control of the American people.

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