BREAKING: Staggering 82,000 Absentee Ballots MISSING From Wisconsin 2020 Election

(Liberty Bell) – A brand new report from Gateway Pundit has revealed that the state of Wisconsin is currently missing 82,000 Absentee votes from the 2020 presidential election, which is yet further evidence that there is most definitely something fishy that happened last November that led to the “victory” or theft of the White House by Democrats.

Jenna Ellis, a member of the Trump team, reported on this whole situation.

Ellis then shared a report that was published by the Conservative Brief, which said, “Wisconsin “lost track” of roughly 82,000 mail-in ballots in the state in the 2020 presidential election, the Daily Signal reported.”

“Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by 20,682 votes in Wisconsin last November,” the report said, adding, “Wisconsin losing track of more than 82,000 mail-in ballots in the state represents more than four times the margin of difference between Biden and Trump, according to a report from the nonprofit Public Interest Legal Foundation.”

“We’ve known there were many material issues with the results in Wisconsin. Ballots were dropped in the middle of the night, all for Biden,” the GP report added.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the state then waited until after the election was over before they decided to remove voters from the rolls that were used in the election. If that’s not funny business, what is?

It’s time for officials in the state government of Wisconsin to step up and get a forensic audit going so we can get to the truth of what’s happening here. We the people deserve to know the truth.

“Unaccounted-for votes do not prove the outcome would have turned out differently, as it’s not knowable how many of the uncounted votes were for Biden and how many were for Trump. But according to the legal group, this marks the first time, going back to at least 2012, that the number of unaccounted-for ballots was larger than the margin of victory,” a report from the Daily Signal says.

“For example, when Trump won the state of Wisconsin in 2016, defeating Hillary Clinton by 27,257 votes, there were only 12,984 unknown or undeliverable mail-in ballots, according to the report. In the 2012 presidential election, President Barack Obama carried the state by 205,204 votes, and there were only 54,077 unknown or undeliverable mail-in ballots,” the report states. The Public Interest Legal Foundation report doesn’t allege an incorrect election outcome, but focuses on the perils of mass mail-in voting, which occurred in 2020 primarily as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” The Daily Signal said.

“Expanded vote-by-mail efforts create stress tests on a state’s voter-registration list maintenance system and reveal if investments in ballot chains-of-custody were effective,” the report goes on to say. “When Wisconsin loses track of more ballots than the difference between winning and losing its Electoral College votes, that is a core system failure.”

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  1. Wayne Allensworth has an essay in Unz today claiming that the reason that the U.S. policy makers hate Russia is due to the cold war mentality.

    This is utterly false. The policymakers hate Russia now primarily because Russia got involved in Syria, allied with Iran, and because of the Nordstream II pipeline route going through the sea, rather than through the land that would grant land rights usage contracts and basically free oil, or oil that could be stolen and tapped by European countries, and because Russia has the world’s largest oil reserves and the U.S. is allied with Israel and Saudi Arabia that see Russia as a threat because of its involvement in the Middle East and because of its oil dominance.

    I am certain that Wayne Allensworth is aware of all of those things, and the complete failure to mention any of those things in his article, in addition to completely ignoring that Hillary Clinton signed the Plutonium Disposition Agreement with Sergie Lavrov and that the Russian government was Hillary Clinton’s largest campaign donor leaves me astounded. Evidently, the Russian hackers failed to clinch the election for Hillary, which would explain why she is so irate over Russian hackers! What other recourse would she have? Other than just blaming them for Trump winning since it would be totally illegal for her to admit that she hired Russian hackers to hack the election  that they failed to deliver on?! If you recall, it was the FBI that asked Hillary to sign a statement blaming Russian hackers during their investigation after the DNC and Hillary started making these claims. This evidently prevented Hillary from being prosecuted over countless high crimes and acts of treason. Allensworth evidently believes that most people are such gullible useful idiots that they will peddle his lies that support the war industry, Zionists, Saudi Arabia, and Eurotrash.

    Andrea Iravani


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