BREAKING: NY Gov Threatens To Replace Unvaccinated Hospital Workers With ‘Foreigners’

(Liberty Bell) – While New Yorkers reveled in former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation, it did little to improve the lives of New Yorkers. Cuomo quickly became the face of tyranny in America with his heavy-handed, draconian approach to dealing with the COVID-19 “pandemic” but his successor has wasted no time proving her game plan isn’t much different.

Gov. Kathy Hochul, the state’s first female governor, has made it clear she is sticking to the COVID panic agenda and is demanding all healthcare workers in New York to get vaccinated by Monday or lose their jobs.

What’s worse, on Wednesday during a press briefing in Rochester she suggested that if healthcare workers continue to refuse the jab, she’s in favor of replacing them with foreigners.

How very progressive of her.

Nearly 20% of the state’s nursing home and hospital workers are still unvaccinated and now the governor is threatening to replace them if they do not submit to her will and get the vaccine by Monday.

According to Department of Health records, as of Sept. 15, 19% of New York’s hospital workers are not vaccinated while 18% of the state’s nursing home workers have refused the shot as of Wednesday.

Those with medical exemptions are safe from this unconstitutional edict and those with religious protest to the vaccine are safe until Oct. 12 thanks to a temporary court injunction by a federal judge in Utica.

Though it isn’t clear where exactly Hochul plans to bring foreign healthcare workers from, she claims there have been conversations with the Department of State about the possibility of handing out emergency visas to bring in foreign workers.

“To those who won’t, we’ll be replacing people. And I have a plan that’s going to be announced very shortly,” she said.

“We’ve identified a whole range of opportunities we have to help supplement them.”

Hochul said state officials were “working closely with various hospital systems to find out where we can get other individuals to come in and supplement places like nursing homes.”

“We’re also reaching out to the Department of State to find out about visas for foreign workers, on a limited basis, to bring more nurses over here,” she said.

Starting Monday, employers will be permitted to fire employees based on their vaccination status despite this being extremely discriminatory and tyrannical.

Hochul is no doubt thoroughly enjoying her new role and first opportunity to put her fist down on her constituents. Despite her threats, it’s unlikely unvaccinated workers will be replaced with foreign workers.

Not only is the State Department incredibly incompetent considering they couldn’t even process all the SIVs for Afghan collaborators in a timely fashion. There’s no way they’re going to be issuing “emergency” visas to flood the healthcare system with foreigners in New York any time soon.

Not only that but where exactly does she think all these vaccinated foreign workers are going to be coming from? Europe? As if they aren’t dealing with their own COVID-19 tyranny.

Hochul is going to be just as big of a disaster for New York state as Cuomo was.

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  1. The surveillance state of InfraGard, COPS, and other international spies have perpetrated an enormous total life gang rape on me, being the equivalent of Helen Keller being gang raped non stop for over seven years with the addition of her being paralyzed.

    Ray McGovern refers to the MICCIMATT, military, industrial, corporate, congressional, intelligence, media, academia, think tank. Not sure why he does not call a spade a spade and say that it is InfraGard and COPS. McGovern neglects to include that in addition to those organizations, it also includes state and local governments,  police departments, and any other loser with nothing better to do with their life. It is a Gestapo surveillance, organized crime, and terrorist cult. 

    They are functionally illiterate, talentless, mentally incompetent serial criminal psychopaths. They would not have done this to me if that was not true.

    I am just superior to you. Just accept it and admit it. If you believe that some people are not better than other people then tweet or publicize that you are no better than Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer.

    I know my rights, and I know the law, which is the constitution, and I know that what you have done to me has been totally illegal, sadistic, and a violation of my rights, and you do too, which is why you refuse to admit what you have done to me! It is NOT OK! I am not community property, and I am NOT Your Merchandise! Who in the hell do you think you are?! You belong in prison for life! Only a crazy person would want anything to do with people that have done that to them! I am not a crazy person!

    Andrea Iravani

  2. What do you expect from New York, with corrupt Wall Street firms being its major source of its income, like corrupt Silicon Valley companies being the major source of income for Calofornia? People in New York and California support the corruption overall because they profiteer off of it through Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Those are also the major sources of income for the Federal government aside from the corrupt war industry.

    That is the problem. Nobody wants to reign in the corruption. They will regret it. The longer that they delay it, the worse that it will get, like any other problem, ignoring it will only make it worse.

    Andrea Iravani


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