BREAKING: New Movie ‘Capitol Punishment’ Tells The REAL Story About Jan. 6

(Liberty Bell) – If you’ve watched any of the legacy media’s coverage of the incident that occurred at the Capitol building on January 6th of this year, then you’ve probably seen the exasperated attempts to make it seem as if crowds of sword-wielding maniacs foaming at the mouth, all of whom are conveniently Trump supporters, smashed windows, and essentially launched an attack on the idea of democracy itself.

Democrats have done their best to paint this whole mess up as an “insurrection,” which if that was indeed the case, it was the worst one ever attempted in the history of mankind. And that’s really saying something once you do a careful study of history.

But here’s the thing. I know this is going to sound like a stretch because, come on, we all know the media can be trusted, right? But what if the narrative being pushed by liberals isn’t true? Shock. Gasp.

According to WND, A new movie, ‘Capitol Punishment,’ is being released on Thanksgiving Day that reveals first-person accounts of what looked, on that day at that location, like ‘a trap.'”

“The plain facts of what happened support suspicion. There were tens of thousands at a rally with Trump that day, and hundreds then went to the Capitol. Many protested peacefully about Congress’ adoption of those still-suspect 2020 presidential election results that gave the White House to Joe Biden,” the report went on to say.

“Since then, an analysis has confirmed that the legacy media suppressed damaging information about Joe Biden and son Hunter enough that the actions likely changed the results from a Trump victory to a Biden win,” WND said.

Another study has also revealed that the CEO and creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, gave $420 million, which is a handsome chunk of change, to groups and elections officials to help recruit voters from Democrat areas was possibly enough to change the election results.

However, it’s still critical to note there was a small group of individuals who really did commit acts of vandalism at the Capitol. We can’t deny that.

“But the FBI’s actions have been stunning: Many of the suspects on charges of crimes like trespassing have been kept in jail since last January. They often been held in solitary, in injurious conditions,” WND remarked.

“That’s in contrast to the Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters who during 2020 did hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to American cities in riots that actually killed people and burned down entire neighborhoods. They’ve mostly faced no charges, certainly not any that would involve being incarcerated for months awaiting adjudications,” the report added.

The movie provides the real story of what happened on that now infamous day. One part of the journey featured in the film contains testimony from Derek Kinnison, who was there on Jan. 6 with a friend of his.

“We saw a set of open doors,” Kinnison recounts to the camera. “My partner Tony, he looked at me, I looked at him. He said, ‘What do you think about that?’ And I said, ‘I don’t like it.’

“He said, ‘No, that’s like a spider web. It feels like a trap,’” Kinnison stated.

Video footage captured on Jan. 6 does reveal that some of the folks who went into the Capitol were actually let in by police officers who held the doors open for them. Sounds kind of fishy, right? Something shady was definitely going on that day.

“The revelations in ‘Capitol Punishment’ show that even though Kinnison didn’t enter the building, the FBI showed up at his house, and they also did at Tony Martinez’ home,” the report said.

“Of course this is what you’re doing. Of course you’re kicking in my door. Of course you’re putting my family in handcuffs,” he said during a conversation with Western Journal.

Another individual who visited the Capitol on Jan. 6 was Chris Burgard who said, “I just saw Capitol police move the barriers, and they’re letting people into the Capitol.”

“Why are you letting people in on one side of the building but then fighting a raging battle on the other?” Easton Cantwell, who was also there at the building, wondered aloud.

The folks who were visited by agents from the FBI say they felt they were being treated as domestic terrorists, which is the exact label that Democrats who are in Congress have been trying to get stuck to them ever since the incident occurred.

“Filmmakers Nick Searcy and Burgard said they wanted to expose the truth – and the government’s politically driven tactics, in the movie,” WND said.

Searcy also went on to tell Western Journal, “As shooting progressed, it became more evident that our real story had to be about the people who were being persecuted for nothing, for just going to Washington, basically for just saying out loud that they believe the election is stolen.”

There’s a lot more to the story of what happened that day then we’re being told. And the government knows the details but is fighting tooth and nail to prevent the general public from being made aware of the details.

Let’s hope the full story is told and those who did not participate in the madness are vindicated.

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