Breaking: New Hampshire Senate Stands With House And Passes Bill Mandating Audit Of 2020 Election Results

(Liberty Bell) – Ever since November, conservatives have tried to convince the rest of the general public that the Democratic Party participated in the largest voter fraud scheme of all-time, citing tons of evidence concerning the flipping of ballots to Biden rather than Trump. Tons of video footage exists showing poll workers being shady and not allowing GOP poll watchers to see them count ballots.

Well, according to Gateway Pundit, the New Hampshire Senate has joined with the House to take a bold stand for election integrity by voting 24-0 in support of SB43. This piece of legislation, which was championed by Sen. Bob Giuda, will seek to validate election integrity by mandating a forensic audit be conducted on Windham’s general election ballots and voting machines.

This particular audit will determine what is responsible for the massive discrepancy between the results from election day and the subsequent recounts of Windham’s state representative race. There was a difference of 1,363 total votes from only 10,006.

This is absolutely great news for anyone who is concerned about election integrity after the debacle that was the presidential election from last November. Protecting our election system is critical to the survival of our republic. If we cannot have free and fair elections where every person has a vote and a voice in choosing leaders to represent them in the government, our country and way of life crumbles.

Voting and being able to select our own leaders is the foundation of the great American experiment in self-governance. The radical left is doing everything they can to destroy this system and erode trust in it so they can justify moving over to a popular election model, which then guarantees that states in the middle of the country never get a say in the future direction of this nation.

If we want to keep the system we have, one of the most unique features of the United States, then every allegation of voter fraud needs to be taken seriously and properly investigated. If we fail in our duty to do this, we will watch progressives transform the country into something unrecognizable. It will no longer be the ideal free country our forefathers gave their lives, their property, and their blood to build.

Instead, it will be a nation built in the image of Marx.

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