BREAKING: Michelle Obama Vows To Recruit Army 100,000 Strong To Carry Dems To Midterm Victory. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

(Liberty Bell) – Everything that went down during the 2020 presidential election, which was and is highly contested with many Americans believing that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party committed massive voter fraud in an effort to steal the election and prevent President Donald Trump from getting a second term in office, makes the 2022 midterm elections all the more important.

And with swing states like Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia all fighting for a party stronghold, Democrats and Republicans are throwing everything they have into the fray. It’s going to be an intense cycle, folks.

According to a report from WND, former first lady Michelle Obama is ready to do her part in the war of politics, making it very clear she’s getting ready to train an army of folks to help the Democratic Party cinch major victories this year and prevent a red wave from allowing the Republicans to take over the House and Senate.

Obama founded an organization back in 2018 called When We All Vote, which is allegedly a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, with the mission “to change the culture around voting and to increase participation in each and every election by helping to close the race and age gap.”

The organization recently addressed the American people in a letter that was given the title, “Fight for Our Vote,” which encourages folks to “vote like the future of our democracy depends on it.”

Once again, for the millionth time, the United States is NOT, I repeat, NOT, a democracy. This country is a constitutional republic. A democracy ends up as mob rule. Our founders did not want this nation to be a democracy for that very reason, which is why our election system, with the Electoral College, was created in the first place. Know your history.

In this letter, Obama revealed a new plan of action to “recruit and train at least 100,000 volunteers” and “register more than a million new voters.”

Gee, I wonder how many of these new voters are in this country legally? Just something to think about.

“The nonprofit is supported by Vote Lab and has 3 ‘highlights’ of completed projects listed on their website’s homepage: Vote by Mail Mobilization, Get out to Vote and P2P Voter Registration Experiment,” WND reported.

“Vote by Mail Mobilization intended to make voting more convenient. Convenient voting may sound good in theory, but in practice it makes the sacred process more corruptible as mail-in ballots are often the chosen method and there is less accountability for ballots once they leave the voter’s possession,” the report said.

“Get Out to Vote was a celebrity endorsed mail program for Virginia’s 2019 election that sent one piece of ‘social pressure mail’ one week before the election. Many would agree the leftist Hollywood elites are not known for their good character and productive ideas,” the report continued.

The P2P Voter Registration Experiment used tailored voter messaging to help swing elections in their favor, with one of the messages sent out centering on Black Lives Matter.

“Celebrity social pressure and convenience voting are both pushed by Democrats, so the project is not likely to do much for Republicans,” the report added.

Some of the other action items included in the push from When We Vote includes transforming schools into “hubs of civil engagement and voter participation,” citizen lobbying and becoming a community organizer “voting squad captain.”

This should light a fire underneath the butts of conservatives all over this country. If we want to take our country back and preserve liberty for future generations, we too have to hit the streets and promote our message, reaching out to folks who are jaded and tired of the mess the Democrats have made so that we can win back control over the House and Senate.

That’s how winning is done.

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  1. Price of the surveillance state

    1.)  9/11 implosions of World Trade Towers and faked plane attacks on towers and Pentagon
    2.)  destruction of liberty,justice, and the meaning of life
    3.) destruction of national, corporate, and personal security
    4.) seven false flag wars
    5.)  $21 trillion in Pentagon accounting errors
    6.) frequent market collapses and bail outs of the stock market
    7.) the opioid epidemic
    8.)  a fake pandemic that was used to murder millions of patriotic law abiding citizens in a murder through munchausen syndrome charlatan scam
    9.) 500,000 missing persons that vanished under a state of total surveillance
    10.)  a failed state run by kleptocrats, charlatans, crooks, and mentally incompetent frauds

    I have been a victim of the medical mafia for decades, and so were my parents and one of my brothers in South Eastern Wisconsin, including Grafton where I have lived since 2000.

    The surveillance state has conspired with the medical mafia for decades against me and my parents and one brother.

    Now the surveillance state and Wall Street have conspired with the medical mafia and have declared war on all American citizens. They do not admit to this, but they did declare war on all American citizens.

    When the government, Wall Street, healthcare, and surveillance state have started torturing and terrorizing you, it is not the time to be asking WWJD? ( What would Jesus do? )

    The surveillance state consumes and destroys everything in its path including through the process of sublimation. It is just a destructive evil liability that we can not afford. It is a brain dead beast and a broken machine that is incapable of operating in any efficient or justifiable manner. Everyone that enters the surveillance state is turned into a ineffectual lunatic, acting as though they are in the belly of a whale. Most of the people in it only seem to be able to enjoy terrorizing and torturing people. It turns people into sadistic monsters. People in America did not use to behave so strangely and sadistically. The surveillance state destroyed their lives and they want to destroy everyone else’s life through sadistic organized crime sprees. Their existences are empty and meaningless, and it shows. They are nihilists, perverts, thieves, frauds, murderers. They may have entered it with the most noble intentions, which are evidently destroyed as soon as someone enters the surveillance state.  It is also a magnet for perverts and crooks. They want everyone else to enter it. The surveillance state has crossed every boundary in existence and has violated every tabu in existence. THEY HATE US FOR OUR FREEDOMS.  It’s not working. It is time to end it.

    These gas lighting techniques appear to be epidemic at least in South Eastern Wisconsin. Years ago in the mid 1990’s when I was a cashier at a grocery store, I can now see in hind sight that older women were victims of this gas-lighting. For example, an older Italian women would buy large cans of olive oil, and then return it and say that it was half filled with water, she did this three times, another customer that had groceries delivered purchased an extremely large amount of lightbulbs on a regular basis, too many to be believed that could be used in such a short amount of time, apparently being stolen and replaced with burnt out bulbs, or just destroyed by vault 7 hacking tools back then. A neighbor told me in 2014 that many condos in the neighborhood had jewlery stolen from them. The police denied it when I mentioned it years ago when I told them that people were breaking in and stealing from me. There are many condos in Grafton and I think that this was done intentionally for gas lighting, hoping that people would just think that they are senile old bats or crazy people. 

    The people in the surveillance state would not be prosecuting Assange ( who is not guilty of any crime ) unless the surveillance state is a complete hoax, nor would examples 1 through 10 listed above have occured unless the surveillance state was a complete hoax.

    There are many in the surveillance state that do not believe in God. I do not believe in the surveillance state.

    It is my observation that the surveillance state exists for the purposes of enslavement, control, and theft.

    Maggots in the kleptocratic surveillance state try to bait people into their own enslavement by setting bear traps, like breaking in and stealing and moving things around, and even use standard gas lighting techniques in order to do this. They blatantly steal intellectual and physical property and even display property that they have stolen right in front of me in plain sight. They hack using vault seven hacking tools. They vandalize habitually. Police, FBI, government, and media refuse to do anything about it, and even flat out deny that it is happening. They ask me if I would like to go to the hospital and show up with an Ozaukee County health and human services social worker that asks me if I would like to go to the hospital and have the social worker and cops stay at my house while I would be in the hospital to “check things out” ! WTF?!  I yelled, “No! You go to the hospital! ” They have offered me the choices of inviting serial criminal psychopathic peeping toms into my life by installing a surveillance camera, or inviting serial criminal psychopathic kleptoquacks into my life. Neither choices are acceptable. They said, “None of these things that you are describing  are real, they are just all in your head.” Well, then maybe they are not real, maybe they do not exist and they are just all in my head too. Maybe there is no such thing as the police and Ozaukee County Health and Human Services, maybe they are just figments of my imagination as well.  Those choices may work out really well for the serial criminal psychopathic peeping toms and serial criminal psychopathic kleptoquacks that have turned America into a failed state and a complete farce, and have completely destroyed my life as well, but those choices do not work for me.  They  have stolen furniture and other items and replaced them with inferior mutated variations of what I had. They say, install a surveillance camera, even though there is one at the end of the street that they flat out refused to check when I asked them to after they told me to install one which I was not insane or stupid enough to do. They even break in wearing high tech military camouflage that is like a pliable computer screen that reflects the back ground behind them. They could push someone down and kill them and make it look like they fell or had a heart attack if someone had surveillance cameras in their home. They have done these things to me, except killing me or pushing me down. They have hacked into everything that could be hacked, including my sleep number bed, appliances, car, smart energy meter, lighting, thermostat, phones, tablets, and computers. If I was stupid enough to install a surveillance camera and invite the surveillance state that has perpetrated a sick, evil, sadistic, multi year long organized crime spree on me by installing it, and they did not hack into it, the camera would be the only thing that they would not have hacked into that could be hacked. Video can be re-created with animation software, including CIA Dumbo. A camera is not a security guard. It is just a camera that can be broken, hacked, or stolen. A camera can not prevent people from stealing, vandalizing, or harming anyone. They are mentally incompetent thieves and pseudo intellectuals. I see how everyone in the surveillance state acts like a crazed, psychopathic lunatic, which is another reason that I would not install a surveillance camera if I had the ability to, which I do not even currently have. I do not want to become a crazed, psychopathic lunatic like they have become, much the same way that I would never try PCP for the reason that I saw that the people that used it acted like crazed, psychopathic lunatics. The surveillance state appears to affect people the same way that PCP does, so that is enough to cement my refusal to enter it by refusing to install a surveillance camera. Ironically, the people that are in the surveillance state are accusing me of being crazy since I couldn’t help but notice that it is an organized crime ring that has perpetrated a sick, evil, sadistic crime spree on me, members of my family, my dog, America, and the world. The individuals that have been involved in this sick, evil, insane, destruction of me, my life, members of my family, and my property without question, suffer from the most severe form of brain damage possible. They would not be doing these things to me if they did not have extremely severe brain damage. They require immediate medical attention. They have proven to be dangers to others, and even themselves, since they are too mentally incompetent to make sound decisions, incuding constantly illegally violating my rights. I suspect based on nothing more than a hunch that they use extortion and get people to buy stock in the stock market, the hunch being, who in the hell would want to buy stock this ridiculously inflated after all of the deregulation took place ? So, I also tnink that the entire stock market and all crypto currencies should be outlawed as well and because they are pyramid schemes, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either in the dark, or is not leveling with you if they try to claim that they are not pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes of that magnitude are guaranteed to result in repeated economic collapses, which we have all been subjected to bailing out these massive Too Impossible To Succeed Pyramid Schemes! The fact that they refuse to admit this even when they are caught red handed is further evidence. They never call them pyramid schemes. They always call them ponzi schemes. The entire concept is a ponzi scheme or more acurately a pyramid scheme. Guess what is guaranteed to happen with a pyramid scheme under de-population. If you guessed collapse, or hyper-inflation, you guessed correctly. Sustained Hyper-inflation has often completely destroyed countries. Inflation is extremely difficult to contain once unleashed, like trying to put tooth paste back in a tube. The money supply must be contracted in order to contain and reduce it. The contraction of the money supply leads to further economic disruptions like a game of musical chairs. When people have borrowed and owe money to lenders, many lenders are not paid back as a result of it. Assets are then seized by lenders which are often difficult to unload because the recessionary forces dull consumer confidence and they are unwilling to take on risk. It is a vicous cycle. The stock market adds to the misery where it demands to be bailed out for risky, insane bets. That is not a free market. It is extortion. 

    Considering that both of my parents, one of my brothers, and my dog have all died under their “care”, it seems crystal clear to me that they intend to kill me also. I have no idea why it is that these kleptocratic scumbags decided to kill members of my family, my dog, and obviously me, but these are the same irrational psychos that thought that a fake pandemic would be a good idea. There is no way that anyone can attempt to rationalize irrational behavior, and they have consistently demonstrated over the course of decades to be acting irrationally.

    The kleptocrats and kleptoquacks in the surveillance state sell you the American dream, then steal it from you, and then try to make you buy it back from them! 

    The kleptocrats and kleptoquacks in the surveillance state will blame you if you don’t succeed, and they will destroy you if you do succeed. 
    Julian Assange is a living testimony of that.

    What is the strategy supposed to be for prepping for a government, surveillance state, Wall Street, and kleptoquacks that terrorizes, abuses, neglects, steals from, tortures, gas-lights, and enslaves and covertly murders their own citizens? 

    Obviously, moving from Grafton is not the solution, considering that kleptocratic governments, the kleptocratic surveillance state, and kleptoquackic charlatans are all over America. The fake pandemic has proven that. Read the constitution, scummy little maggots! Who in the hell would ever want anything to do with sick, creepy scumbags that violate their constitutional rights?! 

    Kleptocrats on Wall Street, kleptocrats in government, kleptocrats in the surveillance state, and kleptoqackic charlatans all knew that they were guilty as hell and waged a pre-emptive war on American citizens with the fake pandemic, now they are even more guilty than they were.  They are evil scumbags! Treat them as such! It is all that they are entitled to! 

    The psychos committing these sick, evil, sadistic crimes are not only shitting all over the constitution, they are also shitting all over the ten commandments, and all over America! The country has rotted from total moral depravity. 

    The psychos committing these sick, evil, sadistic crimes against me obviously do not have sovereign immunity to do this to me. Sovereign immunity is a farce. There is no legal basis for it. When I reported the crimes to all levels of law enforcement, government, and healthcare, not a single person admitted that they are doing these things to me, or  that someone else with “sovereign immunity” is doing these things to me. Sovereign immunity did not exist for the 45 New Jersey government employees, three mayors, five rabis, and slew of healthcare workers involved in the abduction and black market organ ring in New Jersey that all faced prosecution and prison for it when busted by the FBI either. And sovereign immunity did not exist for the perpetrators of the crims that resulted in Havana Sycndrome for all of the people that have suffered from it either, bacause the government claims that they do not know what is causing it. If they had sovereign immunity to do it, they would be able to say that. They do not say that, because they do not have sovereign immunity to do it. People in the media that have illegally spued on me and had the audacity to indicate that to me by repeatedly parroting me are attempting to convince me that they have sovereign immunity to do this, which they do not have. It is an intimidation tactic. I will not be intimidated by scumbags, and they are without question, scumbags! 

    The Elizabeth Holmes ruling is an indictment against all of the kleptoquacks. Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty of fraud and wire fraud for faulty blood test results. Now the kleptoquacks and kleptocrats that engineered the fake pandemic, which could not have occured without all positive tests being false positives has opened Pandora’s Box. There will be a litany of litigation. 

    Kleptoquacks, and Kleptocrats in the surveillance state including InfraGard and C.O.P.S.,  ( community organized policing services ), and five eyes, have you grown up to be big boys and girls yet where you can take responsibility for your actions including the sick, evil, sadistic, greusome, parasitic crime spree that you have perpetrated against me? If you have grown up to be big boys and girls and respectable members of society, you can call me and apoligize for the crimes that you have committed against me, including spying on me, hacking, breaking into my home, stealing intellectual and physical property from me, vandalizing my property, falsely diagnosing me, doing illegal uninformed, unconsented implants of RFIDs in my ears and nose while I was unconscious  March 27, 2014 at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital, blasting me with short wave radio signals and using mind reading technology on me that occasionally repeats something that I just thought with the short wave radio signals, using vault 7 hacking tools on my appliances, lighting, heating, cooling, sleep number bed, plumbing, car, phones, tablets, and computers, and then have the audacity to to tell me that I imagined that these things happened to me, and that I should go to the hospital, which I was not stupid enough to believe or do, then call me at 262-204-8109 and confess what you have done to me like big boys and girls that are respectable and responsible members of society are expected to do.

    Andrea Iravani

  2. Voodoo Economics of Covid-19

    If someone told you that their doctor told them that the illness that tey suffered from was attributable to voodoo would you belueve that their doctor was correct even if the person was sick fom something? Most likely you wouldn’t. 

    If everyone in healthcare, media, and government started freking out to the point of them shutting the entire economy down over an epidemic of voodoo would you think that it was a conspiracy and a gas-lighting psy-op of charlatan practices? Hopefully that is the conclusion that you would correctly arrive at. 

    Even though people have gotten sick, what ever it is that they are sick from is NOT covid-19, because it has not been isolated and this is charlatanism, quackery, and complete fraud since the entire pandmic was completely based on false positive test results. You cannot test for something that has not ben isolated. Covid-19 and its variants have not ben isolated so it is impossible to test for it.

    People should refuse to comply with demands from anyone requiring that they get tested for the fake covid virus, regardless of what type of tests they may be. There is no such thing as covid. This is a racket for people’s money, DNA, and control over people’s lives. 

    All positive covid tests are guarnateed to be false positives because covid has never been isolated, so it cannot be tested for in any way at all. Even the CDC admits that they have not isolated it. This is ludicrous. That is how kleptocrats and kleptoquacks act. Tell them that. They are making complete asses out of themselves. It is their forte’.Once they have people’s DNA, then the kleptoquacks will want to study it and rip people off for government grants and turn people into involuntary lab rats without their knowledge or consent. Why don’t the kleptoquacks just do a study on why they themselves are such villainous, ruthless scumbags instead?!

    Andrea Iravani


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