BREAKING: Father “On The Run” With 7-Year-Old Daughter To Prevent Mother From Giving The Child Covid Vaccine

(Liberty Bell) – It was only a matter of time before the vaccine issues caused major divisions in family and friend relationships. Now, one father is “on the run” after taking off with his daughter to protect her from the COVID shots that her mother wants her to get.

The mother, Mariecar Jackson, is asking police in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada for help after her ex-husband allegedly took off with their 7-year-old daughter in order to prevent the child from being injected with the experimental shots.

Jackson wants to get the young girl vaccinated despite the fact that she holds little to no risk of dying or being hospitalized from COVID. The girl’s father, Michael Jackson, does not want her to be subjected to the dangerous vaccines.

Back in November, the girl was scheduled to visit her mother but the father never showed up with her. Instead, he appeared on a show called Live With Laura Lynn to explain the situation and why he does not want his daughter, Sarah, to go to her mother’s.

The episode was titled, “Dad on the Run as Ex-Wife Says She Will Obey the Government and Vaccinate Her 7 Year Old Child.”

“Even if there’s a one in a million chance that your daughter could, not even die, but there’s a one in a million chance she couldn’t have a baby, wouldn’t that be enough?” Mr. Jackson said.

“I want everybody to see that Sarah’s healthy, she’s happy,” the dad continued, saying he fled because “they are coming for our children.”

The show’s host Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, former host of “The 700 Club Canada,” showed support for the father and his decision to flee in order to protect his daughter from the vaccine.

The little girl spoke to the host herself, expressing her own concerns about the fact that the vaccine “can change your DNA,” and added, “I don’t believe God wants me to. And it can make you sick and kill you.”

Clearly, this little girl has enough knowledge to understand there can be grave and serious consequences for submitting to the vaccine experiment.

The girl’s mother appeared on CBC News this week saying, “She’s only seven. She needs to be home. I just want her home.”

Ms. Jackson claimed she hasn’t heard from her daughter since a Nov. 21 phone call.

Meanwhile, Saskatchewan judges have reportedly issued two court orders demanding the girl be returned to her mother.

However, according to Regina police the copy of court documents provided by the CBC do not “provide the verification we would need” to merit an investigation by their department.

Ms. Jackson issued a message to her daughter, saying, “Mommy will never stop looking for you. Mommy loves you so much. Every day, I pray that some day you’ll be home. I love you so much. Mommy is standing strong and some day we will be together.”

Well, that’s all good and well and very touching but if “mommy” wants to get her little daughter injected with an experimental drug that could have years of lasting effects and potentially make her unable to reproduce, it sounds like dad has a responsibility to protect her.

This is a really complicated issue but one thing is for sure, children are at a much greater risk of negative complications, side effects and even death from the vaccines than they could ever possibly be from COVID, no matter what variant we are currently dealing with.

Children should not be subjected to these experimental drugs. Period.

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    Andrea Iravani


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