Breaking: Arizona Officials More Than Double The Number Of Tables At Veterans Memorial Coliseum To Fast Track Audit

(Liberty Bell) – As hard as Democrats tried to stop the election audit from happening in Maricopa County, Arizona, the audit is moving forward as planned.

Not only is it moving forward as planned, the efforts appear to be undergoing changes to expedite the process, which is probably a good call. Why not move as quickly as possible so as to prevent the Democrats from having time to concoct another excuse to bring it to a halt.

The Gateway Pundit reports that as of Thursday, staff at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, which was rented by the state’s Senate Republicans for the audit, doubled the number of processing tables.

While Ken Bennett, the audit Director, has said that he expects the audit to be completed by May 14, the date the Coliseum has been rented until, he also told TGP that they increased the number of counting tables from 20 to 46 Thursday night.

It only makes sense to utilize the space and surely there is no shortage of volunteers in Arizona willing to help with the audit.

Democrats are definitely still scheming ways to stop the audit from being completed but it looks as though, for now, the audit of the 2.1 million ballots delivered to the Coliseum is in the clear.

Prior to making the increase in tables, Bennett spoke with reporters Wednesday night, after another full day of counting ballots and forensic examination of the voting machines, and said that he expects the process to be completed by the deadline.

Surely the Democrats are freaking out. What will their strategy be when widespread fraud is revealed to have taken place in Maricopa County that resulted in fraudulent election results for the entire state?

Of course, we all know that nothing will be done to right this wrong. Democrats hold too much power now including over what should be nonpartisan agencies like the FBI and DOJ.

Nonetheless, millions of Americans want the truth to come to light. We want to be vindicated from the salacious smears and attacks from leftists who have incessantly claimed there “was no fraud” and that the election was the “most secure” in US history.

Millions of Americans want all the Trump haters out there to be forced to defend the fraudulent, stolen election.

It’s time for Americans to see the true colors of the Democratic Party, even if there will be millions who still refuse to see the truth.

Just the fact that Democrats have been fighting so hard against an election audit in Arizona should be evidence enough that something is not right.

Why on earth would Democrats be so against the truth coming to light if their claims that there was no fraud and that the election was legitimate are true?

No sane, rational person can make sense of that yet millions of Americans are still standing behind the lie that Joe Biden won 81 million votes.

The truth will come out and then Democrat voters will be forced to prove allegiance to either America or a corrupt political party.

Everything hinges on the results of this audit.

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