BOOM! Judge Allows Inspection Of 2020 Dominion Voting Machines

(Liberty Bell) – Though the left and their mainstream media sycophants have done everything in their power to block any investigation into the 2020 election, there are still freedom-loving Americans who aren’t willing to let it go so easily.

Now we might be one step closer to uncovering the truth about what happened during the less than fair election. A judge in a Pennsylvania court has ruled that a county’s voting machines can be inspected.

The ruling went in favor of the Amistad Project which has been fighting for election integrity before the 2020 election ever happened. The Project announced that the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania is allowing them and Fulton County to send the county’s Dominion voting machines to the state Senate for inspection.

“The court recognized that it was improper to demand that the county – which owns the machines, and has the responsibility of running the election along with the legislature – can’t determine whether the machines worked properly,” said Phill Kline, director of The Amistad Project. “As the judge noted, there’s no justification for preventing the county from looking at their own machines.”

The inspection had been scheduled for earlier this month but the state Attorney General Josh Shapiro along with the Secretary of State sued to prevent the inspection. You really have to wonder why on earth leftists are so hell-bent on preventing any kind of closer look into the 2020 election results.

If Joe Biden really won, what does it hurt to affirm those results. Of course, we all know that the reason they’re fighting so hard to stop these types of investigations is because they know Joe Biden did not legitimately win.

Pennsylvanians need to keep this in mind when it comes time to elect a new governor. AG Josh Shapiro is running and given his shady conduct concerning the 2020 election, Pennsylvanians would not be doing themselves any favors by electing him to the state’s highest office.

Now the inspection is set for Jan. 10 and it doesn’t seem there will be any way for Shapiro and the state’s Democrats to stop it this time.

The judge rules that the review must be allowed to go on with a short delay to allow experts from both sides to come up with a formal protocol for the inspection. What’s sad is that this issue has two sides. Whoever thought we’d see the day in America when election integrity would be a two-sided issue?

“Executive branch officials were trying to stop the inspection altogether, but the judge did not grant their emergency motion to stop the inspection,” explained Amistad Project attorney Tom King. “They did not go to court seeking a delay; they sought to stop it, and they lost.”

Thankfully we can still have a little hope in the judicial system in America. The Amistad Project has been fighting for election integrity since 2018 and now reports it has ongoing litigation “against a shadow government that interfered with the 2020 election.”

That “shadow government” has been controlling the Biden regime since Day 1.

We can only hope that the election machine inspection turns up some kind of tangible proof that the election was rigged.

Phil Kline noted on social media that Jan. 10 is shaping up to be a pretty important day.

The 2020 election was rigged using so many different tactics, it’s about time the leftist shenanigans were exposed.

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  1. Price of the surveillance state

    1.)  9/11
    2.)  destruction of liberty,justice, and the meaning of life
    3.) destruction of national, corporate, and personal security
    4.) seven false flag wars
    5.)  $21 trillion in Pentagon accounting errors
    6.) frequent market collapses and bail outs of the stock market
    7.) the opioid epidemic
    8.)  a fake pandemic that was used to murder millions of patriotic law abiding citizens in a murder through munchausen charlatan scam
    9.) 500,000 missing persons that vanished under a state of total surveillance
    10.)  a failed state run by kleptocrats, charlatans, crooks, and mentally incompetent frauds

    I have been a victim of the medical mafia for decades, and so were my parents and one of my brothers in South Eastern Wisconsin, including Grafton where I have lived since 2000.

    The surveillance state has conspired with the medical mafia for decades against me and my parents and one brother.

    Now the surveillance state and Wall Street have conspired with the medical mafia and have declared war on all American citizens. They do not admit to this, but they did declare war on all American citizens.

    When the government, Wall Street, healthcare, and surveillance state have started torturing and terrorizing you, it is not the time to be asking WWJD? ( What would Jesus do? )

    The surveillance state consumes and destroys everything in its path including through the process of sublimation. It is just a destructive evil liability that we can not afford. It is a brain dead beast and a broken machine that is incapable of operating in any efficient or justifiable manner. Everyone that enters the surveillance state is turned into a ineffectual lunatic, acting as though they are in the belly
    of a whale. Most of the people in it only seem to be able to enjoy terrorizing and torturing people. It turns people into sadistic monsters. People in America did not use to behave so strangely and sadistically. The surveillance state destroyed their lives and they want to destroy everyone else’s life through sadistic organized crime sprees. Their existences are empty and meaningless, and it shows. They are nihilists, perverts, thieves, frauds, murderers. They may have entered it with the most noble intentions, which are evidently destroyed as soon as someone enters the surveillance state.  It is also a magnet for perverts and crooks. They want everyone else to enter it. The surveillance state has crossed every boundary in existence and has violated every tabu in existence. THEY HATE US FOR OUR FREEDOMS.  It’s not working. It is time to end it.

    The people in the surveillance state would not be prosecuting Assange ( who is not guilty of any crime ) unless the surveillance state is a complete hoax, nor would A through J listed above have occured unless the surveillance state was a complete hoax.

    There are many in the surveillance state that do not believe in God. I do not believe in the surveillance state.

    It is my observation that the surveillance state exists for the purposes of enslavement, control, and theft.

    Maggots in the kleptocratic surveillance state try to bait people into their own enslavement by setting bear traps, like breaking in and stealing and moving things around, and even use standard gas lighting techniques in order to do this. They blatantly steal intellectual and physical property and even display property that they have stolen right in front of me in plain sight. They hack using vault seven hacking tools. They vandalize habitually. Police, FBI, government, and media refuse to do anything about it, and even flat out deny that it is happening. They say, install a surveillance camera, even though there is one at the end of the street that they flat out refused to check when I asked them to after they told me to install one which I was not insane or stupid enough to do. They even break in wearing high tech military camouflage that is like a pliable computer screen that reflects the back ground behind them. They could push someone down and kill them and make it look like they fell or had a heart attack if someone had surveillance cameras in their home. They have done these things to me, except killing me or pushing me down. They have hacked into everything that could be hacked, including my sleep number bed, appliances, car, smart energy meter, lighting, thermostat, phones, tablets, and computers. If I was stupid enough to install a surveillance camera and invite the surveillance state that has perpetrated a sick, evil, sadistic, multi year long organized crime spree on me by installing it, the camera would be the only thing that they would not have hacked into that could be hacked. They are mentally incompetent thieves and pseudo intellectuals. I suspect based on nothing more than a hunch that they use extortion and get people to buy stock in the stock market, the hunch being, who in the hell would want to buy stock this ridiculously inflated after all of the deregulation took place ? So, I also tnink that the entire stock market and all crypto currencies should be outlawed as well.

    The kleptocrats in the surveillance state sell you the American dream, then steal it from you, and then try to make you buy it back from them! 

    The kleptocrats in the surveillance state will blame you if you don’t succeed, and they will destroy you if you do succeed. 
    Julian Assange is a living testimony of that.

    What is the strategy supposed to be for prepping for a government, surveillance state, Wall Street, and charlatans that terrorizes, abuses, neglects, steals from, tortures, gas-lights, and enslaves their own citizens? 

    Andrea Iravani


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