Bombshell: SQL Found On Voting Machines In PA And MI Indicates Election Data Could Be Read And Manipulated

(Liberty Bell) – Assessments conducted in Pennsylvania’s Fulton County and Michigan’s Antrim County have revealed the existence of the Microsoft SQL database on the Dominion Voting Machines in these counties.

According to a report in Fulton County, PA, analysts say they could not find any “valid reason” for the software to be installed in the system and also pointed out that Dominion failed to fill out the appropriate forms regarding the software.

The Epoch Times reported that according to the 93-page report, “Wake TSI said it found five “issues of note,” including that Dominion failed to meet the commonwealth’s certification standards; that the election management system had Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools installed, despite the software not being part of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s certified configuration; and that changes were made to the management system just three weeks prior to the election.”

Naturally, Dominion denied the validity and truth of the findings with this report.

The SQL software gives anyone with privileges the ability to easily change values in the database directly. These changes can vastly change the outcome of any election leaving absolutely no trace whatsoever.

This is why auditing the paper ballots is so important.

According to the Gateway Pundit, “The fact that SQL was located on the Dominion Voting Machines in Fulton County, Pennsylvania, and in Antrim County, Michigan indicates “yes” data may have been queried and/or altered in the 2020 Election.”

In an election audit report from Antrim County, Michigan, released in December of 2020, it’s shown that Microsoft SQL server database was present and was not protected with any kind of password.

The Gateway Pundit says that Microsoft SQL Management Studio is not itself a hacking tool and does not allow for a user to bypass security. Therefore, it stands to reason that whomever accessed the SQL database had security clearances to do so.

A user who had the appropriate rights within the system to access the database would have been able to manipulate the database information to their heart’s content.

The application is typically used by DBAs (Database Administrators) as well as developers using SQL as their preferred database software.

Now there are two confirmed cases where the SQL database software was found in Dominion voting systems. Paper ballots will be crucial in proving that fraud actually occurred.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi and the corrupt Democrats are working to essentially outlaw paper ballots in the US. Why on earth would that be? Clearly because paper ballots leave a trail to the truth and Pelosi and the Dems want nothing more than to be able to manipulate and alter election outcomes without the risk of pesky audits unraveling it all.

The Democrats think they can fool Americans into believing their corrupt “For the People” voting “rights” legislation is actually of benefit to the American people. Unfortunately, many Americans do believe their lies.

This piece of legislation would, however, change elections in the US forever and completely usurp the power of the American people to decide who should govern them.

The truth about the 2020 election must be exposed and Republicans must do everything in their power to protect future elections.

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    I think that it is safe to say that the days of the surveillance state gestapo police state are over.

    The Surveillance State Gestapo  Scumbags and Kleptoquacks are Still Resisting Growing Up and Still Resisting Taking Responsibility for their Actions Like Responsible, Respectable Adults Are Expected to Do, While They Continue Being the World’s Worrst Role Models for American Children and Youths!!!

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    7.) The continued anti-Russian conspiracy theories that have persisted and grown unabated to this day since Trump was elected
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    10.) Over 500,000 missing persons in the United States
    11.) Deep fake videos made from animation software that has been available since Walt Disney’s early days
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    It’s just not working out for anyone except those that are in it. They have convinced themselves that their persistence of terrorizing everyone will pay off, despite the fact that everything that they are doing is sick, evil, sadistic, and corrupt. They have transformed the internet from an information and communication tool to an evil and censorious mind control tool with manipulated search results where sick, perverse, cowardly, morally depraved, fascist goons try to implement operant conditioning on users, not in the name of science of course, but for the sake of sick, perverted, power hungry, tyranny! They have abused the power that has been granted to them, as all tyrants do. It is totally unethical and illegal to perform psychological and research experiments on people without their consent. Forced consent is not consent.
    I have nine credits in psychology, so I am not an expert, but I do not need to be an expert to know that!

    Have a Nice Day:)

    Andrea Iravani

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    Even people that choose home-schooling are having the government invade their lives online.

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    4. Defense Intelligence Agency
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