BOMBSHELL: Scientist Shocked By Discovery Of ‘99%’ Effective, Cheap COVID Treatment

(Liberty Bell) – Despite the fact that the COVID-19 virus is nothing more than a seasonal flu virus, we’re still being forced to live as if there’s an actual “pandemic” going on.

The vaccines have turned out to be a total disaster. The Biden regime is still insisting everyone get the shots despite the fact that they don’t prevent the spread of COVID-19, they don’t stop vaccinated people from getting the virus and they have seriously dangerous and sometimes fatal side effects.

Fortunately, one scientist is working to make sure Americans could soon have access to a cheap, highly effective over-the-counter treatment for COVID “within months.”

“An FDA-approved treatment could be in sight within months if pharmaceutical companies utilize existing clinical trial resources,” said Dr. David Ostrov in an email interview with WND.

Ostrov, an immunologist and associate professor at the University of Florida College of Medicine in the department of pathology, immunology and laboratory medicine, combined diphenhydramine, marketed as Benadryl, with lactoferrin, a protein in milk and found it to be a highly effective treatment for COVID. It’s also really cheap.

“My prediction is that antiviral drug combinations, such as diphenhydramine and lactoferrin, will provide a similar level of benefit as Regeneron monoclonal antibodies, Pfizer and Merck antivirals, at less than 1/100 the cost of those therapies,” he told WND.

Ostrov said he knew he was getting into an uphill battle to find a combination of cheap, safe and available drugs to fight COVID.

“I expected failure, but you never know until you try,” he said. “My reaction was surprise.”

His study showed early results of 99% efficacy in inhibiting replication of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and was published in the Nov. 20 journal Pathogens.

He noted that “anecdotal stories are certainly not proof of efficacy,” but many people have contacted him about diphenhydramine and lactoferrin, and their results “are difficult to ignore.”

“For many people, they say everyone around them got COVID, but not them,” Ostrov said.

“Without placebo controlled clinical trials, we will not have a definitive answer,” he said. “The answer for now, though, is maybe.”

Ostrov brought up a contact who takes daily doses of Benadryl and regularly drinks milk and who was in close contact with someone who was the next day hospitalized for COVID and, after waiting five days from the time of exposure, tested negative for COVID.

He warned, however, that people “considering their own concoction should understand that our experiments were carried out with human lactoferrin, not cow.” And the lactoferrin he used was purified in a special way to enhance its antiviral properties and is not likely to be found on the shelf.

He added that people should consult their physician before taking any drug for a use other than its intended use.

“Even though historically there are relatively few adverse events reported for diphenhydramine and lactoferrin, it should be noted that long term use of any medication, or combination of medications, could have unexpected consequences,” he said.

Ostrov said he hopes that once FDA-approved, “people may benefit from this antiviral drug combination for two-to-three month intervals during each wave of COVID infections.”

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    CItizen’s Bill 1 

    A motion for civil asset forfeiture

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    They make yearly donations to themselves as write offs and offer their hackneyed, partisan opinions as charitable acts! So, they not only tax you and your estate while they are in office, they create trusts and 501cs so that they and their heirs will never pay a dime in taxes, and then their heirs control the world without even ever being elected or even running for office, and also keep wraps on the legacy of corruption that the trust founders were guilty of! This is of course a blatant acknowledgement and admission that their heirs are genetically inferior mutants that would be genetically incapable of surviving in the world that they have created without cheating their way through life, which is the same world that we are all forced to live in.

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    Andrea Iravani

    • I did not leave my email address. Do not email that address. I cannot even see what it says. I will not answer or respond. It may not even be my email address.

      Andrea Iravani


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