BOMBSHELL: Pharma CEO Charged With Buying Fake COVID-Vaccine Passport

(Liberty Bell) – As more and more individuals become weary of the COVID-19 vaccines due to issues with safety and ineffectiveness, Spanish police have now accused more than 2,200 people of buying fake coronavirus vaccine passports, a list that includes the president of a major Spain-based pharmaceutical company.

Can you blame people for doing this? The potential side effects of these vaccines are becoming more and more prominently discussed in the public eye, as is the lack of effectiveness in both preventing the spread of the illness and controlling the severity of cases.

And yet, despite all of this new data, Spain and many other nations around the world have yet to lift vaccine requirements, forcing their people to take an experimental drug that has not been tested for long term side effects.

Jose Maria Frenandez Sousa-Faro, who is the founder, CEO, and president of PharmaMar, is one of the folks being accused in Operation Jenner, which was executed by Spanish police, according to a report featured in Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

Another famous name that is on the list is Australian tennis player Alex de Minaur and a Spanish musician by the name of Omar Montes.

According to a report from WND, “El Mundo, citing police, said a criminal network operating last fall charged clients for changing their status in the Spanish National Vaccination Registry and issuing counterfeit documents.”

“The 76-year-old PharmaMar chief had obtained a fraudulent document indicating he had received a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, police charged. The Spanish news outlet ABC Sociedad reported Sousa-Faro also allegedly paid the ‘VIP rate’ – between 1,000 and 2,000 euros – to record that status in the registry,” the report continued.

PharmaMar, which is based in Madrid, has described itself as being a unique pharmaceutical corporation that makes medicines by harvesting marine-based organisms.

Operation Jenner has discovered a much larger network that extends across the European Union, according to El Mundo.

“Police arrested 15 people in connection with the operation, including a nurse and a nursing assistant, who are accused of having stolen access codes,” the report stated.

The Spanish government could easily end this newly established black market by simply not trying to force all of their citizens to take an experimental vaccine that has been proven to increase the risk of heart complications for men between the ages of 18 and 45.

I mean, I’m no scientist or expert on infectious diseases and vaccines, but since this thing isn’t really all that effective and poses potential serious health risks, wouldn’t that mean taking the shot isn’t really worth it?

Besides, the illness itself has a 99 percent survivability rating for most individuals. Come on, folks. Time to end mandates. It’s also time for the average person to stop thinking this pandemic has been about anything other than power and control.

Once you give up your liberty, it’s nigh unto impossible to get it back. Don’t make that mistake.

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