Biden Set To Announce Crackdown On Gas-Powered Vehicles

(Liberty Bell) – While America is currently wrestling with severe rates of inflation, grocery bills that have skyrocketed so high they’re practically in another galaxy, and a horrific and deadly mass shooting at a Christian school that was carried out by a mentally ill transgender biological female, President Joe Biden, our fearless leader, along with the goons in his administration, have decided now is the perfect time to focus all of their attention on gas-powered vehicles. This is what a genius at work looks like, ladies and gentlemen.

As per Bryan Chai of The Western Journal, a new report published by Reuters has revealed that the Environmental Protection Agency is currently preparing to enact “sweeping cuts in vehicle emissions pollution that will push automakers towards a big increase in electric vehicle sales.”

Of course, this huge push for the sale of electric vehicles translates to a large decrease in gas-powered vehicle sales.

“Environmental groups and some automakers think the proposal will result in at least 50 percent of the U.S. vehicle fleet by 2030 being electric or plug-in hybrids,” Reuters points out.

A separate piece put out by Bloomberg says these huge announcements are expected to be made in Detroit on Wednesday.

“According to the two reports, it does appear that these sweeping changes stop just short of a full-on ban of gas-powered vehicles. While these moves are being made with ‘green’ and environmental concerns at heart, the move still appears to be ruffling feathers — even among those who are onboard with green initiatives,” Chai wrote.

He continued, “The Alliance for Automotive Innovation, a trade group that represents nearly all automakers (including heavy-hitters like Ford and Volkswagen) made it clear that the issue wasn’t the move to electric vehicles, the issue was the timing of the move.”

“The question isn’t whether it can be done, it’s how fast can it be done,” the alliance said during a chat with Reuters.

The main worry with the timing of the move is that automakers are concerned about making upgrades and other kinds of improvements to the current fleet of automobiles, only for that group of vehicles to be phased out as electric vehicles become more prominent.

“Every dollar invested in internal combustion technology is a dollar not spent on zero carbon technology,” the alliance noted.

“Bloomberg also notes that automakers have actually been asking Biden for more time to better prepare for a mass shift to electric vehicles, while electric vehicle manufacturers, like Elon Musk’s Tesla, actually want the government to enact even stricter restrictions on gas-powered vehicles,” Chai reported.

Currently, these changes could sneak up on American consumers a lot sooner than originally expected. The Biden administration’s crackdown on gas-powered vehicles could start to impact manufactured car models for the years 2027 through 2032, which is only a few years from now.

What does this crackdown focus on exactly?

According to Bloomberg, the changes will focus on overseeing “tailpipe emissions of carbon dioxide, smog-forming nitrogen oxide and other pollution from vehicles.”

“Biden and his administration have long stated their desire to crack down on gas-powered vehicles, but aside from the above stated concerns from automakers, there’s one more rather large group of people that could be concerned: everyday Americans who drive to work,” Chai continued.

There have been a number of serious issues with electric vehicles, all well documented, that the left seems to be trying to ignore in favor of pushing their climate agenda. However, there’s a good chance that pushing this could negatively impact Biden’s 2024 reelection efforts, should he make the decision to run again.

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