Arizona GOP Leader Kelli Ward Rings Alarm Bell, Says Dem Secretary Of State Is Sneaking Operatives Into The Maricopa County Ballot Audit

(Liberty Bell) – Arizona GOP leader Kelli Ward has started sounding the warning bell concerning the Maricopa County audit, stating that individuals in the Deep State who work for non-for-profit organizations are being snuck inside the Maricopa County audit over the last several days.

According to reports coming from Gateway Pundit, three radical left-wing NFP organizations have already requested that the Justice Department intervene in the audit in Maricopa Count and bring it to an end.

And, of course, these organizations have deep ties to progressive billionaire George Soros, who always seems to be the man behind the curtain when it comes to tricks the far-left tries to pull these days.

Ward recently gave a “Call to Action” asking for conservatives to come together, united, in order to help protect the audit from the Democratic Party who is trying to undermine the whole thing or stop it altogether. She stated that these are serious developments, which have led her to believe our nation is “at a tipping point.” Ward also believes the audit is in jeopardy.

“She said a group of ‘experts,’ (The Brennan Center and The Protect Democracy Group) wrote a letter asking the DOJ to send Federal monitors to ‘observe’ the Arizona audit. She describes them as ‘aggressive, dirty, back-room players’ who work with BLM and Marxist groups intent on destroying our nation,” the GP report says.

“Ward said that through a court-pushed agreement between the parties, ‘Arizona Secretary of State (SoS), Democrat Hack Katie Hobbs’ gained access to the audit floor for three representatives. But now we have learned those ‘observers’ monitoring the audit are not even from the SoS’s office. One is an ‘election consultant’ with Protect Democracy, and the other is an attorney with The Brennan Center. Not coincidental, it so happens that they are the same Washington groups who urged the Feds to ‘monitor’ the audit,” the report continues.

This move completely undermines the sovereignty of the state of Arizona to oversee and administer their elections and sets a very dangerous precedent in allowing federally connected groups to stick their noses in the election process.

It’s of the utmost importance that the audit happening in Maricopa County be completed without interference from partisan actors from the Democratic Party. We need the ability to conduct forensic audits so that we can prove the election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.

We also need this task completed because it’s whole purpose is to safeguard free and fair elections, which are the bedrock foundation of our society. Our vote is our voice. It’s the way in which we participate in setting the course for our future as a country.

And whether or not forensic audits will be held in the future hinges on how the one in Arizona plays out. Measures must be taken to preserve a fair and balanced audit procedure. This means verifying that radical leftists aren’t the ones involved in the audit, as they can skew results.

The Republican Party has the option of suing these various groups for saying they are unbiased in order to avoid paying taxes while obviously demonstrating that they are left-leaning.

Many other options exist. Let’s hope the GOP actually does their job and seeks to protect this audit from being infiltrated by liberals.

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