American Flags Ordered Removed At U.S. National Park For THIS Infuriating Reason

(Liberty Bell) – The American flag has been under attack by radical leftists for years now. This fact was made clear when a crew doing construction work on a 475-foot bridge in Alaska’s Denali National Park were informed that they’d no longer be allowed to fly the flag from any of their trucks or other heavy equipment, which are being utilized to complete the $207 million Federal Highway Administration project.

“The bridge is being built by Granite Construction, after a 2021 rockslide took out a portion of the popular Denali Park Road that is used by visitors and tour buses to access more remote areas of the national park,” the Alaska Watchman reported. “Since 2023, construction has been underway to repair the road at mile 45. This spring two mobile trucks and one piece of heavy equipment had been flying standard-sized U.S. flags.”

“One of the contractors working on the bridge reached out to the Alaska Watchman regarding the recent order that the flags be removed. He asked that his name not be used, given that he is actively working on the project,” the article divulged.

According to the contractor, Brooke Merrell, the superintendent at Denali National Park, contacted the individual who is in charge of the project, saying complaints had been filed about the flags, informing him he would need to tell the crew to stop flying Old Glory from their vehicles because it allegedly detracts from the “park experience” for visitors.

In other words, a group of people who are America haters got themselves in a tizzy while visiting the park and seeing this patriotic crew flying the flags. They boohooed like a group of rotten little children. Typical leftists, right?

“The trucks are flying these American flags, about a foot atop the trucks, about three-foot by four-foot flags, and they said they don’t want this,” the contractor went on to say. “They’re saying it isn’t conducive and it doesn’t fit the park experience.”

And yet, up until this week, the flags were displayed and no one mentioned anything about them.

“Here I am in a national park, and we’re being told we can’t fly the American flag,” the contractor stated. “I understand there are rules for contractors working in the national parks, but you wouldn’t think flying the American flag would be part of those rules.”

He then laid the blame on the shoulders of Superintendent Merrell, who took over control of the park in 2022. At the time, she was being hailed for becoming the first woman to serve in the position in the history of the 105-year-old park.

“Merrell moved to Alaska in 2009 as a transportation planner and environmental coordinator. A Pennsylvania native, she received a master’s degree in urban planning. Prior to moving to Alaska, she worked for the City of Portland and the Gulf Islands National Seashore, along with left-leaning environmentalist and social justice groups such as DNA People’s Legal Services and Columbia Riverkeeper,” AW reported.

“When these liberals get in charge of these parks, that’s how it is,” the crewman remarked matter-of-factly.

The Alaska Watchman reached out to the park to get an official comment on why the workers were told to remove the flags from their vehicles. At the time of this writing, they had received no response.

It’s important to note that the park does fly the Stars and Stripes from several stations located within the park as well as at the visitor’s center.

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