ALERT: Voter Registration Cards Turn Every Single Voter To Democrat

(Liberty Bell) – People were seeing red after Nassau County in Long Island went all blue, thanks in large part to voter registration cards that turned every single voter in the county into a Democrat. I can hardly think of a worse fate for a conservative Republican, can you? Is this more evidence of progressives within the system trying to screw things around and ensure that they can win future elections?

As per Jack Davis of The Western Journal, “Last Tuesday, voters received voter information cards in the mail that tell them where to vote in the state’s upcoming primaries, and which primary they can vote in based on their enrollment. But the cards in this Republican-leaning county marked everyone as a Democrat, putting about 500,000 voters in the wrong party, according to WNBC-TV.”

“We’re already starting to get phone calls from people, saying, ‘I’m a registered Republican, I’m a registered Conservative — how come I’m being identified as a Democrat? Who changed my registration?’ And they’re quite upset about it,” Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman went on to say about the situation.

“There’s a lot of confusion, there’s a lot of people emotionally upset about this,” he added. “We believe that this is an error on the part of the mailing house that the Board of Elections used.”

“We have been assured that to the over 900,000 registered active voters in Nassau County, that they will get the correct voter card this time,” Blakeman declared.

Phoenix Graphics of Rochester, the printing company that made the cards, put out an apology for the incident.

“Phoenix Graphics Inc. made a human error on Voter Information Cards for Nassau County. The voter’s party affiliation may have been incorrect on the first mailing however polling site information is correct. We take responsibility for that. As soon as it was discovered we moved immediately to remedy the situation,” the company’s statement read.

“This is an isolated event, but we apologize for our mistake, especially to Nassau County officials, who bear no responsibility for this problem. We have fixed the error and at no cost to taxpayers will deliver corrected Voter Information Cards as soon as possible,” it continued.

However, at this point, the damage has already been done.

“That’s neglect, a company that’s sending out an important document like that? That’s not good,” Mineola resident Amura Dillon commented on the situation.

GOP voter George Klein was absolutely livid about the whole thing when he spoke to WNBC.

“I have no faith in this country today, as far as what the politics are. I’m going to vote Republican primary day, and Democrat on that is not going to affect it,” he opined.

“It certainly seems to be inadvertent but feeds also public criticism about government officials — whether it’s competency, paranoia,” Lawrence Levy, who serves as the Executive Dean of the National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra University, remarked to WNYW-TV.

Blakeman shrugged off theories that the “mistake” was intentional, a report from the New York Post noted.

“I don’t think the Democratic Party is engaged in a conspiracy to create havoc in their own primaries,” he said. “I don’t think the Democratic Party wants a bunch of Republicans showing up to vote in their primaries.”

Can you really blame anyone for thinking this mix up might have been intentional? Look at how many times the voting machines in Arizona screwed up both in 2020 and in the midterms in 2022. Are we really supposed to believe that Democrats aren’t intentionally trying to skew the results of elections in their favor?

We are living during a period of history when the United States government is corrupt and has become an enemy of the very people it is supposed to be serving. The FBI is being weaponized to silence conservatives. There are mountains of video footage and other evidence that indicates there was tampering with the results of the 2020 presidential election. And now this?

It seems reasonable to assume when you see an incident like this pop up that there might have been shenanigans going on behind the scenes.

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