ALERT: Dozen Terrorists On Watch List Intercepted At Southern Border

(Liberty Bell) – There are a lot of things being done by the current administration that is agitating the average American voter, but one such issue that has proven to be a top concern that needs to be dealt with is the crisis along the southern border. Joe Biden has done nothing to stop the influx of illegals into the country, playing pass the buck with Vice President Kamala Harris and giving her charge of solving the problem.

And she too has done nothing.

In fact, this has likely been done on purpose as part of a strategy to alter the demographics of the United States and ensure that there are enough new voters registering for the Democratic Party to maybe help prevent a red wave in November’s midterm elections.

In case you didn’t already think something needed to be done about this whole situation, a new report from ADN America has revealed that Border Patrol agents have now intercepted a total of twelve people who were on the FBI’s Terrorist watchlist trying to cross over into the United States via the border we shared with Mexico back in the month of August, which shatters records held for this fiscal year as agents seek to cope with the massive influx of migrants.

“The total encounters of individuals on the terror watchlist for this fiscal year have increased to a significant high, tripling the figure of the past five fiscal years combined,” the report stated. “The total number of apprehensions of individuals on the TSDB list in Fiscal Year 2022 increased to 78 with August’s interceptions, compared to two arrests in the Fiscal Year 2017, six in the Fiscal Year 2018, zero in the Fiscal Year 2019, three in the Fiscal Year 2020, and 15 in the Fiscal Year 2021.”

The ADN America report said, “The number reported by the CBP data might only be a small percentage of the individuals that attempted to cross the border and were caught by Border Patrol agents. Many other individuals on the list could have crossed the border along with the more than 500,000 gotaways—undocumented migrants who crossed the border without being caught—reported by the CBP this fiscal year.”

The increase in encounters the Border Patrol is experiencing concerning individuals on the FBI watchlist coincides with the explosion of illegal migrants crossing the border, which totals 2, 150,639 just this year. Surpassing the 2 million mark is a new record for the U.S., according to information that was gleaned from the Department of Homeland Security just this week.

WND says, “More than 4.9 million illegal aliens have crossed the U.S. border illegally since Biden took office, including an estimated 900,000 ‘gotaways,’ according to an analysis of government data by FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

From July of last year all the way to July of this year, there were roughly 2.4 million illegals flooding across the border that were met by border officials here in the U.S. Now let’s contrast that number with the statistics while Trump was in office and enforcing his border policies. From January 2020 to January 2021, there were 626,000 crossings. Yeah, those policies that the left hates so much were rather effective, don’t you think?

“Biden, on his first day in office, eliminated the Remain in Mexico policy – which kept asylum seekers in Mexico as their applications were processed – and suspended deportations. Later, he canceled further construction of the border wall while moving to lift the Title 42 rule allowing immediate deportation of illegal immigrants who had recently been in a country where a communicable disease was present,” WND reported.

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