Alert: Air Traffic Controller Warns Mask Requirements Can Have Deadly Consequences For Air Safety

(Liberty Bell) – It might be annoying for travelers to submit to face mask requirements on airplanes these days, but one air traffic controller is warning that the requirements in the tower could have deadly consequences for passengers.

Journalist and author Alex Berenson received this intel from an anonymous air traffic control specialist (ATCS).

He reported that the verified source explained that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has introduced stricter mask mandates in air traffic control towers which is making vital transmissions more difficult to understand.

The whistleblower explained that after roughly a year of flexible mask policies, just a month ago the guidance was updated and ATCS were told to “wear them at all times while at work, in position, etc. unless you have an office and are in there by yourself.”

Now, controllers are required to wear masks when speaking with pilots which makes them much harder to hear.

“It has created an issue where we get a lot more read-back errors from pilots on instructions because they can’t hear us clearly over the radio,” the ATCS explains. “Our instructions are almost always time or safety critical, sometimes down to seconds.”

He explained that this has the potential to create terrible errors.

“Worst case scenario is a pilot thinks we say something, reads it back wrong, and it results in disaster if we can’t correct them before we lose them on radios.”

The whistleblower explained that while communication errors are frequent, their increase since masks became required has become clearly apparent.

“The FAA cares as much, or more, about us wearing masks as they do about the safety of passengers and pilots on the aircraft we are working,” he warned. “I want to reiterate, this is the entire country, and this is every airplane for every airline in America that we are working with you, your family, your friends.”

“I’m bringing this up just for context on how ridiculous this has all become. For the FAA, it seems like there is no end in sight. They’re pushing the vaccines in a way that they’ve offered ‘free days off’ (excused absence) following the shots, but are not requiring them as of yet.”

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  1. Once again buffoons in regulatory agencies meddling where they shouldn’t. Garbled messages are not something air controllers, dispatchers, or emt’s should be saddled with. Having politicians wear them since no one listens to verbal babbling when their hands are in you pockets is justified.


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